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07-11-2000, 10:37 AM
Hi folks. Just got this in via email from a reader in Conneciticut:

"I went to Plumed Serpent to view a Lazaro gown I had seen a photo of. Lazaro lists Plumed Serpent as one of only two dealers in my state.

There were no Lazaro gowns for me to see there. I was told they could send for the one I wanted. I decided to try on something else and I loved the dress. The price was $1400 and the gown was not even silk. I asked who made the dress and the salesman said, "a Canadian company". When I took the dress off I noticed that the tags had been cut out! My girlfriend and I asked again and were not given an answer. I called the shop later and asked again who the designer is. The woman who answered, said, "We don't give out that information..." I asked if she knew that was illegal, and she said she did not.

I had heard of the tag cutting practice, but I never expected to see it in what is considered one of the most upscale bridal shops around.

I reported them to the Better Business Bureau but I doubt it will help. How do these places expect people to make an informed decision about spending thousands of dollars when they don't even know what they are getting?

Bottom line: Stay away from this place."

Anyone else have comments on this shop? Others in New England? Thanks, Alan & Denise, authors, BridalGown.com

07-11-2000, 02:48 PM
You asked about Bridal shops in New England. I can't say enough good things about French's Bridals in Manchester-by-the-Sea. And I didn't even purchase my dress from them! They were more than happy to tell me which designers were with which dresses-- there was no smoke and mirrors whatsoever!

07-17-2000, 10:40 AM

Tell your friend that if it really was a nonsilk, Canadian made bridal gown for $1400, it's a good bet it was a Paloma Blanca gown. She can check out their web site at www.palomablanca.com to see all thier dresses.


07-18-2000, 05:24 PM
I work with someone who bought her dress there. She had a horrendous experience. They actually accused her of gaining weight when she went to her fitting. She told them to get her original measurements and turns out she had lost weight and they had ordered the wrong size dress for her. They were extrememly rude and she said she would never send anyone there!

08-01-2000, 01:37 AM
I'm on the west coast and I dealt with a similar situation. I went to Bridal & Veil in San Diego. I had tried on approx. 40 gown at several different shops. They had this dress I fell in love with. They had ripped out the label. When I asked about it, they told me it was what every shop did. I found this strange and called another shop who confirmed it. They refused to tell me who the maker was. Since the labels were gone I didn't know what it was made of. Luckily, I found the dress on the internet . I contacted the maker and they sent me a sample to the shop. I purchased it somewhere else. I couldn't stomach paying that much money to a shop that was so deceptive.