View Full Version : It never hurts to ask - sample gown bargain on Lazaro

12-03-2000, 07:11 PM
Just wanted to let you guys know what happened to me.
I found the dress of my dreams (a strapless, lazaro, $2400 retail) here in Maryland. I then had to realize that there was no way I could spend $2400 on that gown, or any gown! I'd even done price checks with DBS/Pearls/etc and the best I found was $2200. I called the shop that I'd first tried it on at in order to tell them that I needed to make yet another appt. I told the saleslady that no, I wasn't coming in to buy that dress I'd been trying on for weeks, because it was simply too expensive and I had to start being realistic. The lady then asked me, "well, which dress are you talking about?" I described the dress and she said that I should come in that afternoon and that we should talk because she was thinking just that day of selling that sample gown.

Needless to say, she sold me the sample for $1200 that afternoon! It's in great condition and I only need a minor alteration since the dress has streched a little from all the brides that tried it on. Maybe some brides do that all the time, but I hadn't been going around asking for deals on the samples I'd been trying on at all. Just a reminder thought - not bad saving 50%!

07-12-2001, 10:30 AM
So did you have to bargain with them to get this price? They didn't initially offer it to you for 50% off did they???

07-13-2001, 12:39 PM
well, i told them i was hoping to spend around $1000, so that I had to start trying on cheaper dresses. She then offerred me the sample for $1200, and I asked to try the dress on again so I could decide.
She was willing to sell it because she'd wanted to buy a replacement sample anyways. She wanted to sell that sample and actually make some money off of it, so she preferred to sell it in good condition. She was then going to buy a replacement sample. So, I guess the timing was perfect.
I guess I'd always thought that the samples were used until worn out, but some shops prefer to sell those too and therefore like to keep them in good condition, and replace them as needed.
I was happy to buy it!