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    Default Flying with kids: can I carry on juice boxes?

    We'll be doing 10 hours of flying with the kids (ages 2 and 4.5). Can I pack juice boxes, applesauce, and fruit gel cups in my carry on?

    Any other tips? We're planning to bring the laptop, for watching some DVD's. I'm going to make a trip to Target to scope out the dollar section to buy some cheap new toys to bring. Lots of individual snacks like pretzels. Stickers.

    Thanks for your advice! The last time I flew, 9/11 hadn't happened yet...


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    If you want to bring water... remember, its floridated. Kids can have all sorts of things carried on. Milk, floridated water... don't know about juice. You can even buy it at the airport and put it in their sippy cups as long as you are willing to lie about it. (The guy at the airport told me to do it even! In not so many words)

    My only other advice is anything can happen. Our DS was 15 months... refused to nurse for 9+ hours on the way there, refused to sleep since we tried keeping him on schedule, didn't like the toys we brought (favorite ones hidden a month prior). The carseat was a godsend. Without being able to strap him in, I would have totally lost my mind!
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    Default Advice!

    I actually just flew with a 2.5 + 5 year olds, 2 very (very) long flights...

    I don't know that you can bring a juice box or any fluid/gel for that matter. I would bring an empty sippy cup and fill it on the plane (they have plenty of juice/milk/water on board). Regarding other food, maybe cheese sticks, apples, baby carrots, cooked plain pasta. You can ask for a kids meal (has to be at least 24 hours in advance).

    If you can bring headphones for the DVD that would be great, otherwise the neighbors might complain. A coloring book and crayons. If it's a night flight, an extra blanket for each kid. I put the plane's blanket on the floor and my 2.5 year old lying on it, covering him with his blanket, than my 5 year old can sleep on 2 chairs. It is very hard for them to sleep sitted. I never did the allergy medicine thing, found it unnecessary.

    An extra set of clothes for both, an extra shirt for you (in case you get vomited on ). A kids chewing gum for landing (very important!). It can be cold on the plane so they should wear layers (I dress them with a long T shirt and a sweater with zipper).

    The flight is nothing compared to the jet-lag though... (I assume there is going to be some if you're flying 10 hours). My only advice there is that you can't manipulate it to be shorter by trying to keep them awake longer etc. It takes what it takes. Let them sleep (with the blinds open through the daylight) when they need to, and sleep at the same time too). You'll have some happy nights in the beginning. And trust me on that, I've done it 5 times with children (once a year)

    Have fun! (email me if you have any more questions)

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    It is hit or miss. I've been ok with horizon's milk boxes more often then not but there have been a couple of situations where they denied me. I don't think they will let you take applesauce -- yogurt is always tossed for us.

    good luck!

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    All good advice.

    You may not get milk on board though. When we flew last year, I was told that it was strictly for people to use in their coffee, and they definitely did not have enough to give the kids sippy cup refills. I found that so strange on a flight to Orlando - don't they expect lots of children to be flying to WDW who like to drink milk?

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    When I flew two weeks ago with my 5yo and 22mo, they allowed us to take through two apple juice boxes (I said that they were for the "baby" - wouldn't have been allowed for my 5yo). One TSA agent shook his head no, one told us that we could bring them through, so we did.

    I don't know about applesauce or fruit gel cups, but I'd guess that they'd either be tossed with the juice or all would be allowed through.

    You can always buy water, milk and juice on the other side of security, before boarding the plane. Anything purchased in the airport (inside of security) is allowed on the plane with you.
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    I have flown with juice boxes, kleenKanteen w/ juice in it, all sorts of snacks. If they look at you funny say..... I deal with a child with food allergies and I cant be sure whats in some food and drink. I have even brought the small cans of pineapple juice in Nathan's carry on. I think Nathan has had 12 flights in the past 4 yrs.
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    We just flew from OH to CA in october. I had a juicy juice box that I had forgotten was in my diaper bag. So when I entered the area to put my stuff on the conveyor belt, I gave the juice box to the guard and told him, "here's a free juice, since I'm not allowed to bring this on board." He asked, "Is it for your children?" I said, "yes." He said, "Well, then you can bring it on board." He was very nice about it, this was at the columbus, OH airport. I brought juice boxes with me again on our trip back (burbank) and they did not even blink an eye when I left the juice boxes in my backpack that went through the conveyor belt. I did have sippy cups with me as well, b/c I did not think that they would let me pass through with the juice boxes. It was a pleasant surprise that I did not get hassled at either columbus or burbank, maybe it's b/c both airports are not as busy as the really big ones.

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