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    Default Kinderkraft dresser/changing tables?

    We went to BabysRUs the other day looking at dresser/changing tables. The only ones they had that didn't have knobs were by Kinderkraft, which is not mentioned at all in the Baby Bargains book. They had two models - one for $329 that was a little 3-drawer dresser with a flip-top changing table. The other was $429 with 6 drawers and the changing table in the middle with two small drawers on either side. Has anyone gotten either of these? Likes? Dislikes?
    One thing we liked about these, at least from looking at them, is that they both had a little "guard rail" in the front of the changing table part to keep everything in place, which none of the other dressers we looked at had. My wife was partial to the 3-drawer flip-top model, whereas I prefered the other model that offered nearly double the storage capacity for a relatively small bump in price. The only downside I could see to this model was that the "guard rail" looked permanent - not sure if that would get in the way once we no longer needed to use it as a changing table.

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    Default RE: Kinderkraft dresser/changing tables?

    We have the six-drawer dresser from Kindercraft. DS is just over 7 months, and so far, so good. No complaints at all. We got it with the thinking that once its changing days are over, we could use the middle section to hold books, toys, animals, etc.

    The only snafu we've faced with it is actually our child: he seems absolutely DETERMINED to grab ahold of anything within a 5-mile radius. Changing diapers has become a bit tricky because we have all of the diapers and wipes at one end of the table, and then cotton pads, rubbing alcohol, vaseline, diaper ointment at the other. He gets a bit twisted trying to reach for stuff. To remedy this, we are going out today to get some shelves to put above the table and get the stuff out of his reach. But I think that this happens with EVERY baby, so I don't really consider it a negative aspect of the table.

    All in all, I am very happy with it. One more thing...As far as I can see, the guard rail is not removable. Also, we use a changing pad (not the one that comes with it), which elevates DS to a point above the rail. Just an FYI, if you decide to go with a different pad. Finally, if you do get it, bring a truck with you. It comes fully assembled. HTH!

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