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    Default How much would a lazyboy rocker recliner cost me?

    How much would a lazyboy rocker recliner really cost me. my husband thinks they are super expensive and so wont even go look at them. also would it be good for my height i am 5 ft 3.

    I dont know what to get.

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    Default RE: How much would a lazyboy rocker recliner cost me?

    I think they are around $500, some might be less and some might be more. We ended up getting an upholstered rocker/recliner because (1) I think gliders are unattractive and don't match anything in my house, and (2) the gliders I looked at seemed really cheap and poorly constructed, and I looked at several stores. I'm SO glad we went with the upholstered rocker instead. It looks great, is super comfy (I can sleep in it), and will match our family room furniture once we don't need it in the baby's room anymore.

    Given the cost of a glider ($200?), it was worth it to me to look at other options for a couple hundred more, especially since it meant a longer life because I could use it elsewhere in the house. I ended up with a Berkline rocker/recliner, though, not a La-Z-Boy. I had trouble with the recline mechanism of the La-Z-Boy... I can't remember if I thought it was too noisy or if it was too hard to use. But I don't use the recline feature at all, yet. I'll use it more when we move it to the family room.

    I'd try to find a store that carries La-Z-Boy and also other brands. The furniture store near me has a whole showroom of just rocker/recliners, including La-Z-Boy and gliders, which was great. I was able to compare everything side by side.

    Hope that helps!

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