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    Default RE: what to do with bare walls over crib?

    I also have a bare wall behind the crib (except for border in the center of the wall). I am hesitant to hang anything there because DS may be able to pull down whatever I put there. I have been warned about this by other mothers so I'm going with the plain look for now. I have thought about painting DS's name above the crib, but you want to avoid painting. If the stickers don't work, I have no creative ideas, but I would avoid using things that can fall or be pulled down.
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    sweetbasil Guest

    Default RE: what to do with bare walls over crib?

    I don't have any personal experience with these, but I've seen several auctions on eBay for Wallies...little adhesive room decor that doesn't require much effort on your part but seem to offer a reasonably priced spruce up solution!?

    Good luck!

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    Default RE: what to do with bare walls over crib?

    Don't know if this will work in that space, but I turned the crib so that only the head would be against the wall instead of the whole side. This way the bare wall space is down to a minimum. It also created a nice cozy corner where the glider is. Just a thought.

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    Default RE: what to do with bare walls over crib?

    I have a border at the top of my nursery walls that I made with small wooden cutouts from the craft store, painted in various colors, and attached with double sided foam sticky tape. The wood pieces are very light, and the tape very sticky so they are up there good (I hope to move before they need to be removed :)!). I did just a border, but you could put them anywhere. Just another idea. Good luck to you...

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    Default RE: what to do with bare walls over crib?

    Thanks for the suggestions ... you know, I guess I am just worried that the baby will get bored staring at a blank wall and ceiling. But she still has the bumper pads (she seems interested in the animals now) and she can see the other walls, I guess. I don't want to hang anything that would be unsafe. Might have to paint after all but I don't want the baby sleeping in the room with paint fumes! If anyone else has ideas, let me know ... thanks again! Priscilla

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    Default RE: what to do with bare walls over crib?

    Personally, I would just leave it bare. In a few months you'll have to remove everything anyway or your little one will do it for you.

    As soon as DS could stand up in his crib, he started pulling off the wallpaper border (at mid-wall level, not at top of wall near ceiling) & restickable Winne the Pooh character deocrations I had. I ended up removing the border on the wall that the crib was next to. We moved when DS was 1 and when I decorated his room in the new house, I left one wall completely blank and decorated the other 3.

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    Default RE: what to do with bare walls over crib?

    I just put up the Winnie the Pooh sticky things from TRU/BRU...for $10 they will do the job for awhile! I was able to put a bunch on the wall behind the changing area/dresser and then a few above the crib, which is on a wall with a slanted ceiling, so when the baby is looking up, he or she will be looking at the decorations...just wish i could have found some in black, white and red for the first weeks/months before graduating into the colors.

    Plus, TRU has them 20% off until today i believe. This is the only decorating we've really done, mainly because of the shape of the room and walls.

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    memedee Guest

    Default RE: what to do with bare walls over crib?

    How about letters spelling out his name.
    You could cut them out of a piece of stiff foam with an exacto knife and paint them.
    Or you could buy them all done up in wood or canvas and hang them high enough so he cannot reach.
    I have even seen them in fabric.
    Or you could even stencil them on and fill in with non toxic markers.

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    Default RE: what to do with bare walls over crib?

    We can't paint our walls because we are renting. After Arielle was born (so I knew the sex) I got this set of 3 small stuffed pink hearts and also a stuffed bear sitting on a moon at BRU. I hung them at places where the wall hits the ceiling--not directly over the crib, but so she can see them.

    I also had this adorable sign made in her name ($10) from these street vendors that are all over NYC (when there's no snow that is!) That I hung over her crib but way up where she can't get at it. She loves to point at it every morning though. :)


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    Default what to do with bare walls over crib?

    I decorated our nursery pretty much with the John Lennon Musical Parade theme. Her crib looked cute with the Fisher Price Symphony in Motion animal mobile and the Lennon bumper pads. But I have just taken down the mobile b/c she is 5 months old. I can keep the bumper pads on for awhile, but .... the crib wall just looks so bare! I am looking for easy, inexpensive decorating ideas ...

    Does anyone know of a source for unbreakable mirrors or glass that I could put on the wall *behind* the crib? I don't want to hang a crib mirror *in* the crib as it would be unsafe. (Or do I really want a mirror? Would she be able to see me every time I peek in at her?) :-)

    I don't want to paint the walls right now.

    How safe is it to hang a quilt or picture or something on the wall above the crib? I'm afraid of something falling down.

    I'm trying to talk my dad into painting her a picture, or maybe I will just end up buying a picture or something.

    I bought some of those re-peelable and re-stickable wall sticker things at Target the other day -- animals to match the Lennon animal theme and colors -- but our walls aren't smooth so I don't think they will stick.

    I've attached some photos of the nursery, just if you are interested.

    Thanks for your ideas!

    Priscilla, mom to Laura 09/14/02

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