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    Default Make my own bassinet skirt and liner

    So I found this beautfiul bassinet that I fell in love with.

    It costs over $850! So I'm not going to be able to get it. But my husbands grandma can really sew well, so she is going to try making it for me. My dilemma is choosing a fabric for the inside of the bassinet. What do you think I should use? Someone suggested fleece. Would that be too thick. Any ideas? Did anyone else make their own bassinet skirt and liner?
    Thanks for the help.

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    angusmom Guest

    Default RE: Make my own bassinet skirt and liner

    You probably want something quilted for lining the inside. This is what I have seen on a lot of bassinet skirts. Check your local fabric store for a thick, quilted flannel, chamois, or cotton/percale. They might even have something that is two layers of fabric with a thin batting quilted/sandwiched between the two layers. You will want something a little ticker, rather than thin. If the skirt is made from heavy fabric, the inside liner has to be a little thicker so it can bear the weight of the heavy skirt hanging from it and also be soft for Baby.

    A friend of mine made her own bassinet skirt for a Badger Basket bassinet ( They have just plain bassinets which I don't really know of other companies that do (except possibly Burlington basket used to make them also).

    Good luck! Maybe post a picture here of your skirt when it's done!

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    Default RE: Make my own bassinet skirt and liner

    Thanks for your help! I can't wait to get started!

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    Default RE: Make my own bassinet skirt and liner

    My mom made dd's bassinet skirt and liner, and it turned out beautiful. DD used the same bassinet that DH and his siblings used. The whole thing was cotton piqué, you know the cotton fabric with the basketweave texture. It was fine despite the fact that it was not padded. DD used the bassinet for about 3 mos, and she never really touched the sides, since she was so small!



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