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    Default Girls Bedding and Cherry Wood Crib

    All of the nursery furniture we have is Dark Cherry wood. Tyler will be moving in with Jackson and taking the crib with him. We will be leaving the cherry wood changing tower and hutch in the new baby's room. Naturally I just assumed that I would buy another cherry wood crib since that is what we have but it doesn't look like much of the girl's bedding will go with a dark wood. Everything seems to be placed with a white crib. I guess I could paint the changing tower and buy a white crib. WWYD? Has anyone ever paired a girly bedding set with a dark crib. I really want to go all out with a girly room since my last 2 nursery themes have been Hunting/Outdoors and Farm animals.

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    Default RE: Girls Bedding and Cherry Wood Crib

    Fist of all, congratulations on the girl!! Our crib is not cherry wood but can see under the finished nursery thread (Mia's room). I really wanted all white furniture too but we had to be practical.....we bought Diego his big boy furniture and used the nursery furniture for Mia. I plan on getting mia her big girl furniture in white when she turns two and using the same french theme. "I think I have seen some girly sets on the JC Penney's site that use cherry wood cribs. Also you might want to do a metal (silver) crib....that might work well w/ the cherry wood? HAve fun!

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    Default RE: Girls Bedding and Cherry Wood Crib

    I think a pink and green combo would look nice. I have seen this on my friend's crib. You just need the right shades, a deeper pink instead of baby pink, with a sage-y green. Also, anything in ivory.


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    Default RE: Girls Bedding and Cherry Wood Crib

    I think Cherry is very nice for a little girl. I was just looking at bedding on JC Penney If you look through the JC Penney website a lot of the crib sets are shown with darker wood colored cribs. That should give you some ideas on what might work.

    I really like the Flutter Mod Amy Coe set from Target and I think it would look great with a cherry crib.

    I also love the BRU Wendy Bellisimo collections with a darker crib.

    Or this set
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    Default RE: Girls Bedding and Cherry Wood Crib

    Girls bedding looks great on dark wood! I was at Buy Buy Baby the other day looking at the Glenna Jean Chloe set which is light lilac, cream, and sage and I put the blanket next to a coffee colored crib and it looked BETTER than it did on the antique white display crib. I think the dark wood makes some of the girl colors look richer.

    Our crib is coffee color from Bellini (so a bit lighter than Cherry or Mahogany but a lot darker than natural) and we're expecting DD#2. With DD#1 we are using Chamois Lambie from PBK which has light greens and creams and it looked really great. While the set is gender neutral, the colors are similar to the types of colors you see in girl bedding This time we're also going for a gender neutral set (Alphabet Soup from PBK), but darker colors. I think dark wood should be fine.

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