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    Default Kelly's Kids Fall Preview

    Kelly's Kids just posted a preview of their fall line...always fun to see what is coming next.

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    parkersmama Guest

    Default RE: Kelly's Kids Fall Preview

    I'm impressed! That stuff is much cuter than last winter's stuff. I love the checked dalmation dress (may have to get it with matching brother outfits, possibly!). Also, I'm thrilled that they've gotten wise and started doing dresses with leggings and cool patterned tights! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Gymbo got the same message! It's just easier for me to get my hands on Gymbo and I like the instant takes too long to get KK stuff. LOL!

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    Default RE: Kelly's Kids Fall Preview

    My good friend down the street was a rep so I used to be able to check out all the clothes in person and order really easily. Now she's not a rep anymore! x( Which stinks because their fall stuff looks really cute!!

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    Little Ladybug Guest

    Default RE: Kelly's Kids Fall Preview

    Oh, wow! I'm loving those dalmatian overalls for little boys! Thanks for posting the link!

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    LoveMyBabyBeans Guest

    Default RE: Kelly's Kids Fall Preview

    Cute stuff. Are these clothes that are sold the same way Pampered Chef, Longaberger, etc are sold...through a home consultant? Do people have "shows" to buy the clothing? Just wondering because I've never heard of this brand before.

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    Little Ladybug Guest

    Default RE: Kelly's Kids Fall Preview

    Kerry, DS has a blue gingham Kelly's Kids shortall with duck appliques that I bought at a home show, just like Pampered Chef. However, I think that you can buy them on their website too. It's kind of like Chez Ami (Patsy Aiken) or Ragsland. When I went to the home show, I must admit that I bought the shortall because I felt like I needed to buy something, but I actually really like it. It's very sweet. It's nice to have DS in something that I don't see on other little boys all over town. I would definitely buy more things from them.

    P.S. - Hope that little princess of yours makes her appearance soon - I know that you must be miserable at this point! Best wishes!

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