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    Default How does Janie & Jack run?

    Big? Small? I've never ordered anything from J&J, so I am completely unsure.

    I am still thinking about ordering the courderoy dresses for the girls, but need to know the fit before I do.

    Kathleen is at the very top of the size charts for the 4T, height-wise. But because she is such a beanpole, she has always been able to wear her clothes for much longer. Plus with dresses, she can wear stuff beyond the height chart.

    Same with Ellen, I'm not sure if I should get her the 18-24 which she would be at the top of the height chart for, but it would still fit her weight. Or get her the 2T and have it be a wee big on her for a bit.

    So long story, short, if J&J runs small, then these dresses are out, because Kathleen would outgrow it in a month and I wanted the girls to match.

    THANKS! :)

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    iluvmy2boys Guest

    Default RE: How does Janie & Jack run?

    I've been told that Janie & Jack run pretty similarly to Gymboree - kinda big in the bigger kids sizes.

    I'll be more able to tell you when I get our stuff soon!

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    Little Ladybug Guest

    Default RE: How does Janie & Jack run?

    In my experience, J&J's sizing is comparable to Gymboree's. Our stuff is from the boy lines, though, so I don't know if that would make a difference. HTH!

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    urbanmama Guest

    Default RE: How does Janie & Jack run?


    I was hoping that my older daughter would fit in J&J. As you know, she is a skinny little thing. I bought the jeans and a blouse from Nature Trails. The 3T (???!!!) jeans fit her lengthwise, but literally fell off of her. (I think they are cut really wide and baggy or something). However, the 4T blouse was too small. So, I'm not sure what to tell you. What are Kathleen's "stats"?


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    lrucci Guest

    Default RE: How does Janie & Jack run?

    I my experience, I have found the fit of J&J to be similar to Gymboree, with the exception of the pants. I think their pants run a bit bigger.

    Kyleigh can still fit into her 3-6 month pants from J&J, but they are a wee bit short on her. She has some 3-6 month capris that she still wears. I bought her a pair of 6-12 month pants from Nouveau Daisy and they are still big. As far as shirts, bodysuits, dresses, and overalls she fits in a 6-12 month in both J&J and Gymbo. Granted she is on the small side for her age, a month ago she was just about 18 pounds and 28" inches.

    I have not had anything that I have found to run small, and we own a lot of J&J.


    Mom to Kyleigh 7/19/03

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    AdoptChina Guest

    Default RE: How does Janie & Jack run?

    all we ordered was a few sweaters. the 18-24 fit smaller than the baby gap ones we have

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    Default RE: How does Janie & Jack run?

    Well, for boys I find it to run large. The 12-18 month stuff I have for Ryan is a tad big and long while he is in the same size in Gap or LE (most of the summer stuff he has is from either store). Ryan is a skinny mini too but he is almost 75th percentile for height.

    I do like J&J. The quality is great. :)
    Mom to R and R

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    lisak Guest

    Default RE: How does Janie & Jack run?

    I only buy their boy's clothes, but IMO J&J clothes tend to run large. My ds is 9 months and can still wear their 6-12 mo. swim trunks and onesies, whereas the 12-18 mo. fell off of him. In other clothes, size 6-12 mo. is already too small.

    Hang onto your receipt. You could always return or exchange it for another size.

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    Default RE: How does Janie & Jack run?

    See that is what I am afraid of--that the 4T will be too small. Because right now I am buying size 4/5/5T for her.

    She is 42 inches tall and 34 pounds.

    The funny thing is that I now actually think I am not going to order them. I went to a Just Ducky show tonite and found a dress very similar that I like MUCH better. :)

    I'm so fickle... LOL!

    Thank you all!

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    erzzie Guest

    Default RE: How does Janie & Jack run?

    I'm pretty new at Janie and Jack, but last week we tried on 4 different shirts and the ruffle jeans in the Nature Trails line. The pants were cut very baggy and wide through the waist, though the length was what I would expect for the 12-18 month size.

    In the case of all 4 shirts, they were tighter in the belly area than I would have expected, and smaller in the shoulders. 18-24mo shirts at Gap and Gymboree generally look too big on Amelia's shoulders, but the Janie and Jack ones definitely "fit" through the shoulders. The 12-18mo shirts were definitely too tight in the belly, and most 12-18mo shirts fit her easily.

    I don't know if that helps...I believe the Nature Trails denim dress was cut the same in 18-24 months and 2T, with the 2T slightly longer. If it were me, for your baby, I'd order like Hanna--by height. Good luck!

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