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    Default Personalized Baby Name/Date shoes..a great gift!!!

    My mom discovered this company YEARS ago..and my little brothers all had these they outgrew them, she would tie the laces together and hang them on our Christmas tree! I got my girls the maryjane style and I used a pretty grosgrain checked ribbon to tie them together and hang on our tree last year.

    These are VERY cute, nice quality shoes..with your baby's name on the bottom of one shoe and their birthdate on the bottom of the other! A great keepsake and my standard baby gift!! All of our name talk on the last thread got me thinking that many of you here would probably appreciate these shoes...they are precious! AND they come SUPER fast...I'm pretty sure that it's free shipping too!

    Just thought that I would share!!

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    kthomp Guest

    Default RE: Personalized Baby Name/Date shoes..a great gift!!!

    We got those shoes as a gift for Ally's Christening! It was a very special gift, I love personalized things!

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    Mommyto3 Guest

    Default RE: Personalized Baby Name/Date shoes..a great gift!!!

    Aren't they great!! They are just sooo different from traditional gifts..and people always love to receive them...and I got a ton of compliments and 'where did you get THOSE??" when the kids were wearing them!

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