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    AvasMama Guest

    Default Primigi Shoes -- Need Sizing Help

    I want to get these shoes for Ava from Hanna:

    They are by Primigi. First question: Are these OK for new walkers? I don't think she'll be doing much actual walking in them, but I want something with some flexibilty just in case. Second question: how does the sizing run on this brand? If it helps, Ava is wearing a 3 in J&J shoes, a 6-12 in Robeez/Bobux, and she measures between an 18 and 19 on the Preschoolians measuring device. I want her to wear these at Christmas, so I'm not sure whether to get the 18 or 19.

    Thanks for any help!!

    Robyn & Ava

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    dules Guest

    Default RE: Primigi Shoes -- Need Sizing Help

    These are sooo cute! I have been eyeing them too, but settled on the black patent/nubuck Elefanten boots from instead. I was afraid she'd get the velcro off too easily.

    Sophie is the same size in a shoe...between 18 and 19 on Preschoolians (so we're going with a 19 MJ) but her Robeez 6-12s are too tight on her ankles.

    I have the 19 Elefantens that seem a bit big but doable. I also have a pair of 18 Elefantens from Marshalls (MJs with stitching detail) that are adorable but I think they will be too small, and maybe too stiff, so I think they will go back.

    I'll be curious to see what others say about Primigi flexibility.


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    KidzRBlessings Guest

    Default RE: Primigi Shoes -- Need Sizing Help

    Hi! I don't have any experience with primigi shoes, but here is a helpful chart of various euro brands and sizes. Primigi run a little differently than most!


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    AvasMama Guest

    Default RE: Primigi Shoes -- Need Sizing Help

    That is very helpful, thanks!
    Robyn & Ava

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    sugarsnappea Guest

    Default RE: Primigi Shoes -- Need Sizing Help

    In my experience Primigis run a bit smaller, and narrower than Elefantens. I have found them to be very flexible and cushy. I wish they made them for adults! :)

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    Default RE: Primigi Shoes -- Need Sizing Help

    We have the primigi Mary Janes from Hanna. They seem to run similar to the Eccos. The soles are flexible and I love the shoe.

    However, Sophia's feet are a wee bit pudgy and so wide width's fit a little better. So these are going back to Hanna. I'm sad - they are just so cute!

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