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    I'm looking for a pair of navy mary janes to go with the hide and seek jumper. I looked on the gymbo site but they don't have it anymore to post here. But it has a navy background and little embrodered mushrooms. I've been looking for shoes to go with this for over a month now and I really wanted to put dd in this dress for turkey day. I also can't see spending over $30 on a pair of shoes that are going to be worn for a month or two. DD is 8m and wears a size 2.5 - 3. Any suggestions will be highly appreaciated.


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    Default RE: ISO SHOES!!! has some cute Soft Star shoes in navy in your price range. Check for coupon codes (on google or another search engine) and go through ebates for a substantial percentage back. I got some Stride Rite MJs (very cute, but more shoe than you probably need) that are listed at $45ish for under $30 with all the coupons and rebates.

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    She really shouldn't be wearing "real" shoes until she is walking. You can do serious damage to her feet since the bones aren't hard yet.

    Why not a pair of navy Robeez? You can even get them at Nordstrom.

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    DD has this dress as well. She wore it this past weekend with a pair of black Preschoolians. (Oh, the horror!) They looked okay, but I agree a pair of navy Robeez would look much better. They are on my wish list right now.

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