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    Default What's is the difference between 24M, 2 and 2T?

    Sorry for this silly question, but now, when my DD is wearing size 18M, I just realized that I have no idea what is the difference between 24M, 2, and 2T?


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    Default RE: What's is the difference between 24M, 2 and 2T?

    LOL - nobody else does either!

    It tends to vary from brand to brand. In many instances, there is NO difference. In many instances the 24 month has more room in the rear for diapers, but in the case of a 2 vs. 2T, I would assume the 2T would be roomier to accomodate a diaper. HOWEVER, none of it is written in stone, and in our experience, sizing was by trial & error.

    Good luck. Sorry if I was NO help at all!

    Mom to Truman 11/01 and Eleanor 4/04

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    Default RE: What's is the difference between 24M, 2 and 2T?

    I *think* 24M is up to 24 months, and 2/2T are for 2-year-olds (i.e., after they turn 24 months). What I've found weird is that some brands seem to skip 24M and go straight to 2T, which doesn't jive with what I just wrote. So I could be wrong. When DD started outgrowing her 18M clothes, the new ones I've bought have almost all been 2T, but some hand-me-down 24M sizes fit her too. I did find that some places had both 24M and 2T, and we got 2T since I figured that would fit longer. The 2T leggings at Gymbo seemed longer than the 24M, but I couldn't tell any other difference.

    Mom of Julia, 8/03

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    Default RE: What's is the difference between 24M, 2 and 2T?

    It depends on the brand. In general a 2 and a 2T are the same thing, as I've found. 24m and 2T can vary in the rise or the width for a diaper. I've found that Target, for example, has a longer rise in the 24m than the 2T--but the waist is nearly identical. LandsEnd, though, the 2T is larger in the waist.

    It's annoying, but you almost just have to hold up the two sizes side-by-side and see what the difference is for that brand.

    Mommy to Matthew Clayton, 5/19/03

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    Default RE: What's is the difference between 24M, 2 and 2T?

    As Jenny said in theory a 24M size is in the general sense is suppose to fit the average child from 18 months to 24 months, after that in general a two year old would wear a 2 or a 2T (if in fact they actually fall at the 50th percentile or there abouts because that's basically around where the "measurements fall) a 3 year old would be in a 3 or 3T

    But as we all know just like women's clothing things aren't really standard, a company can use completely different measurements or cuts (meaning some clothing is slimmer then others) from each other and call it the same size.

    Some people will tell you that the T is suppose to indicate that there is more room for a diaper but many times there isn't a bit of difference between something with a t and something without

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