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    Default Robeez knock-offs at Target/Walmart ?

    Did someone say they saw shoes like this at one of these stores? DD just started walking a week ago. I'd like to give her a few more weeks to become proficient before getting her real shoes. However, at school, she's walking around outside and her socks are getting all muddy. What to do in the meantime? I don't want to buy real Robeez or a similar brand at full price for only 4 weeks of use. Any ideas? TIA.

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    Default RE: Robeez knock-offs at Target/Walmart ?

    They are in the baby department at Target next to the tights in hanging plastic bags. They are about $12 and come in a few styles. I think they'd be great for your needs, soft, inexpensive, washable and have good traction.

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    Default RE: Robeez knock-offs at Target/Walmart ?

    I found them at Target also. I think they are great quality. I also found some Robeez at Marshalls for 12-15 bucks. They didn't have our size or a great selection but maybe you could check there too.

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    Default RE: Robeez knock-offs at Target/Walmart ?

    I think the ones at Target are made by Carazoo also sold on Ebay under the store named Shoeszoo. They look exactly the same to me. They have just a few styles in Target. They did look pretty nice though. However, they seem to look like they run larger than standard Robeez.

    I've hunted all over my area at Marshalls & haven't seen a pair of Robeez yet. They only had a few of the fleece lined booties, not the shoes. Wonder if they are just slow to get them in around here or what.

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    Default RE: Robeez knock-offs at Target/Walmart ?

    Got 'em, thanks. You were right about the limited selection (I'm stuck w/ pink), but I'll prob get real shoes soon anyway...

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