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    Default Baby clothes at the Birch Run Prime Outlets in MI...

    Has anyone been to these outlets lately? My mom is going there next week, and I would love to give her a heads up on what to look for, for my 12 month old baby girl.


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    Default RE: Baby clothes at the Birch Run Prime Outlets in MI...

    I was there about a month ago! The Gymboree outlet was okay but didn't have the best deals. I hit the Carters and Gap outlets HARD! Carters always has printable coupons online--I had one that gave 20% off. The Nautica outlet is also good, I think it is close to the oshkosh store, and they are both in the Pottery Barn section. (also fun) They also have a discount card for the outlet mall--I think she can get one online, or just go the office for one. The discounts vary depending on the month, but sometimes they are good.

    Oh yeah--check out the Childrens' Place outlet as well--great deals! Tell her I recommend a butterburger from Culvers; they are wonderful!

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    Default RE: Baby clothes at the Birch Run Prime Outlets in MI...

    I was in Michigan visiting my parents last month and of course had to go shopping for dd.

    Let's see- I did hit the Gymbo outlet, but be warned the clothes are not from the stores but rather a seperate line for outlets. Still cute, but prices were only good on the sale/clearance racks.

    Gap- there are three Gap stores there if you can believe it. The one with the best deals I found was the "clearance" outlet. They have things from all three stores, Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic. Found a lot of cheap Ts for summer.

    Stride Rite outlet if you know what size your dd is- I found some cute shoes and they had a buy one get one half off sale going on.

    KB toy outlet has good deals on some toys, usually older and/or discontinued.

    I know they have a Little Me and Osh Kosh store too but I didn't make it there, and the Carter's store is always full of deals. They also have a Pottery Barn outlet that has some things from PBK.

    She will have a great time, my Mom was trying to buy everything. I had to reign her in. :)

    dd 1/04

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    Default RE: Baby clothes at the Birch Run Prime Outlets in MI...

    I haven't been yet this year, but have always found serious deals on Carters and the quality is excellent, IMO. Some of the others are pretty good but have to check out the sale racks. Tommy Kids was pretty good too.

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