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    Default tumbling leotards and leggings for 2T/3T?

    I'm not sure if this goes here, as it's not really baby clothes, so mods, if it needs to be moved, please do! :)

    I think I'm going to try Corinne in a once per week, 30 minute "tumbling" class at the YMCA to get her some movement in this winter weather. The lady I spoke to said that the girls wear leotards, but nothing on their feet. Not being a dancer/tumbler EVER, I looked on ebay and found several leotard tops, but nothing for legs... DO you typically wear some sort of legging or is it just the bathingsuit type leotard?

    Thanks for any help you can give!! :)

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    Default RE: tumbling leotards and leggings for 2T/3T?

    For a tumbling class you can go either way, lots of girls just wear a leotard. However, if you are worried about Corrine getting cold, which I would suspect you would be, leggings shouldn't be a problem. If they say no to the leggings, then bike shorts are also an idea. You could also try footless tights. Any of that should be fine as long as it's nothing baggy. Some places even allow baggier pants to be worn. But for now I'd stick with leggings, any leggings should do just fine.

    Edited to add: Check ebay, but also you can check here , they may have something much cheaper that would work too.

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    Default RE: tumbling leotards and leggings for 2T/3T?

    You can get footless tights at dance stores as well as at regular places like Target. My DD wore a pink dance leotard and white footless tights to her dance class when she was 2, and last year at her tumbling class she wore a one-piece gymnastics leotard thing (from Kohl's!) that was sleeveless but had longer legs (that went halfway to her knees like shorts instead of at her hips like a swimsuit, IYKWIM - I thought that looked better than just a dance leotard when there were no tights). All the girls in her class just wore the leotard, no tights. And in dance class, she didn't wear the tights on really warm days.

    HTH (and I hope it makes sense!).

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