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    Default Size 3T vs. Size 3 (what's the difference?)

    What's the difference between the sizes 3 and 3T? My DD recently received some items from Gymboree that are size 3, not 3T. I can't figure out what the difference is? Thanks for your help!

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    Default RE: Size 3T vs. Size 3 (what's the difference?)

    I think, typically, that size 3 is cut slightly slimmer than 3T. I have read before that sizes ending in T take into account a child wearing a diaper. My dd is thin & we went right to size 3 because they fit her better. At Gymboree, the styles of the same lines are different because 3T would be under Baby Girl, while 3 would be under Big Girl. And the Big Girl things usually have adjustable waists. Thankfully, Baby Girl goes up to 5T online, so I've gotten to buy her things from Baby Girl line even though she wears a 5. HTH!

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