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    Default Can I use different type of nipples on my Avent bottles?

    Hi, DD is 10 weeks old and has been having trouble taking the bottle. By the way, she doesn't even like any pacifier. I think that she just hates the plastic taste.

    We've tried using the Avent bottle but it seems to me that maybe she doesn't like it because the nipple is too firm. Does that make sense? Are there other nipples out there that are softer?

    And could I experiment with just the different nipples or do I also have to buy the bottles that come with it?

    I have to get her used to taking the bottle. I work 80 hours a week and unless I quit my job, she really needs to take the bottle!


    P.S. We started trying to give her the bottle at 6 weeks of age and it's hit or miss if she takes it.

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    Default RE: Can I use different type of nipples on my Avent bottles?

    Around that same age Jude veto'd the Avents. After trying a lot of bottles (can't just switch the nipples) he liked the Gerber bottles and nipples. Love the price and the fact that I can pump right into the bottles. Worth the try! I think 3 bottles are less then the next size of Avent nipples AND their nipples are one size fits all.

    At almost 5 months Jude takes the bottle at daycare and nurses at home.

    Good luck! We called 2 weeks before the end of my leave "Bottle Training Camp" b/c I was stressed out. I solicted the assistance of Grandma.

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    Default RE: Can I use different type of nipples on my Avent bottles?

    Avent has a great marketing ploy...Avent bottles only take Avent nipples. :) If you do wanna pursue trying differnt nipples, Playtex makes a sampler set so you can buy one bottle and try variou nipples.

    FWIW, DD is BF and we gave her an Avent bottle starting at 2 weeks without issue. But magically, at about 2.5 months, she just didn't want it. I did not want to pursue the different nipples avenue and eventually DD just took it. I really think babies will take any bottle once they're hungry enough.
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    Default RE: Can I use different type of nipples on my Avent bottles?

    The Playtex silicone nipple is softer than the Avent, and is similarly shaped.

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    kensjen Guest

    Default RE: Can I use different type of nipples on my Avent bottles?

    Unfortunately, you will have to buy a different kind. That is a good idea to get the Playtex sample pack, I thought that was neat when I saw those. You can use your advent bottles later as sippy cups....later. Good luck!!

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    jmofarrill Guest

    Default RE: Can I use different type of nipples on my Avent bottles?

    I purchased several brands of wide-bottle nipples, and the ONLY ones that worked with the Avent bottles were Dr. Brown's. None of the others fit in the cap. Fortunately, Dr. Brown's nipples are much, much softer than the Avent nipples, so if that's what you're looking for, you're in luck!

    The Avent nipples were too hard for dd at first, so I used Dr. Brown's nipples with the Avent bottles until dd got the hang of it. I now use the Avent nipples again, and she takes the bottle fine (at least that's what dc tells me! I've only successfully given her a bottle ONCE!).

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    Default RE: Can I use different type of nipples on my Avent bottles?

    Oh I feel your pain, we had the same struggles, including DD not liking the pacifier or "plastic" taste, and the "hit or miss" style of bottle drinking or not.

    My DD had trouble with the Avent nipples. Other friends of mine had similar experiences and our conclusion is that the Avent nipples are difficult to suck- it seems like sometimes the milk flows well and sometimes it doesn't. I was always loosening and tightening the cap. When we switched to Dr. Browns it was like magic! She never had another problem. Another post on here says you can use the Dr. Brown's wide mouth nipples with the Avent bottles, which is so exciting because I have million Avent bottles. My DD did great on the Dr. Brown's slender bottle and now on the wide mouth. I find Dr. Brown's really annoying, though, because they're hard to mix formula in.

    We had some luck with the playtex Natural Action nipples that are rubber instead of silicone. They seem softer and less plastic-like. But then suddenly she changed her mind on those too. That's when we went to Dr. Browns and they worked beautifully, and she had very little gas and spit up. I don't know if you're nursing at all, but i haven't had any trouble with nipple confusion with the Dr. B's either.

    Gerber has a pretty wide variety of nipples that fit their bottles. It seems like most slender bottles and their nipples are pretty interchangable. Whatever you do, KEEP TRYING! It took us lots of time (and money on buying so many different bottles and nipples), but one day she got it and never went back. I'd say she was 12-14 weeks old at that point. Good Luck and hang in there!

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