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    Default Mylicon Drops for 3 week old

    Looking for opinions please...

    Do you think it's OK to give a 3 week old Mylicon Drops for gas relief? My baby is very gassy and when his crying gets extreme I give him .3 ml (yhe suggested dosage for infants under 2 yrs. and under 24 lbs.) The box says not to exceed 12 doses per day - and my max has only been twice in one day.

    Thanks for input!

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    Default RE: Mylicon Drops for 3 week old

    Yes, it's safe. Our ped prescribed them at that age. Mylicon isn't absorbed by the body-- it just coasts along popping gas bubbles. It's safe to give as often as every two hours. Another option is Gripe Water. If you're nursing, you can also drink chamomile tea, and it will get to your baby through your breastmilk and calm his tummy. You might also take a look at whether you see a correlation between things you're eating and his gassiness. Dairy is the most common culprit. You might want to try eliminating dairy for two weeks to see if it helps. His belly just might not be ready for that yet. If you're formula feeding, you might try a different formula to see if he tolerates it better.

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    Default RE: Mylicon Drops for 3 week old

    My ped told us we could use gas drops in DS's formula at our first 2 wk appt. to alleviate the gas and bubbles in the bottle. She told us just to use less than the recommended dosage amt or use it for only some of the bottles. We still drop a drop or two into every bottle to help decrease the foam in the bottle, although I don't think DS's belly requires it for every feeding anymore.

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    Default RE: Mylicon Drops for 3 week old

    Good luck, my baby is 4 weeks old, i've been using the drops since last week, cant tell if it helps but i'll give her anything, cant stand when she's in pain which seems to happen once a day, my doc said 3 times a day.

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    Default RE: Mylicon Drops for 3 week old

    You can give Mylicon as much as you want basically because like Rachel said, it's not absorbed into the body. But, as a "survivor" of DD's 3 months of colic...I would definitely say to get some Gripe MUCH better!! Run...don't go get was our best purchase yet! Good luck!

    You can do a search on these boards under Gripe Water to learn more about it. It's frequently used and discussed.

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