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    PJAlama Guest

    Default Fisher Price Close-To-Me Care Center

    Anyone tried the Fisher Price Close-To-Me Care Center? (a playyard/bassinet/changing table combo) It looks very handy and attractive in the advertising booklet, but I haven't seen one in real life.

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    Default RE: Fisher Price Close-To-Me Care Center

    I have not, but it sounds like Graco's Pack n Play, if you are looking for something like that.
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    PJAlama Guest

    Default RE: Fisher Price Close-To-Me Care Center

    It has many of the same features as the pack n play, but the Fisher Price combo also comes with a separate bassinet stand in case you want to set that up by itself. It's also better looking, if I may be excused for caring about that. (I cannot believe the spartan looks of so many pricey baby products! When I was a kid, everything for babies came in bright cheery colors. I couldn't imagine putting a child in one of the playyards I saw, which was battleship gray & looked like a baby jail.) But since I've only seen the Fisher Price model in a brochure and on the web, I haven't been able to tell whether it feels sturdy, and naturally, safety is more important than looks. The Baby Bargains Book recommends the Graco model over the other brands, but without much detail as to why.

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    dharmadog66 Guest

    Default RE: Fisher Price Close-To-Me Care Center

    Check to see if this play yard is actually manufactured by J. Mason. If it is it is probably better/safer than the Graco because of their "safe surround" system. The rail is actually a solid steel tube that cannot collapse and make a "V" that can strangle your child. I do not know if this particular model is one of those, go to and check. I wonder why babybargains has such limited information on play yards since play yards have killed so many babies, you would think that they would have an extensive listing. Good luck, Maria

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    Lori in NJ Guest

    Default RE: Fisher Price Close-To-Me Care Center

    I actually did see the FP one at Baby Depot and though I registered for the Graco, it looked fabulous. I loved the fact that the changing area & bassinette were side-by-side vs the changing table that looks like plastic on the Graco. I know it's already been bought off of my registry so I'm going to go w/the Graco (I also read the 30+ reviews on the BRU website to help convince me). Have you looked on the BRU site for commentary on it?

    Good luck!

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    Default RE: Fisher Price Close-To-Me Care Center

    Yes, the Close-to-Me Care Center has the "safe surround" system, and has the J. Mason name on it in addition to Fisher Price.

    I found out that the reason I was having so much trouble finding it is that it's being phased out in favor of a new model playyard that looks a lot more like what everyone else sells -- no removable bassinet and the same boxy, SUV-like style that seems to prevail in so many new baby products. Seeing as the Close-To-Me was disappearing & customer reviews on websites looked positive, I decided not to wait for my baby shower & bought it anyway from

    Wow, that was quick service! I ordered it online Friday morning around 7:30, and it arrived Saturday morning around 9:00. Of course, it helps that BabyAge turned out to be in Moonachie, N.J., which is about 3-5 miles from my house. I could have gone there & gotten it in person!

    I quickly set up my new purchase, and it looks great: sturdy but attractive, with easy-to-wash pads attached with velcro and a machine-washable sheet on the bassinet. Everything folds up into one neat package with a carrying handle. The only thing I could ask for in addition would have been a spare bassinet sheet to use while the main one's in the wash. It has yet to pass the ultimate test (the baby's due in September), but it's definitely a keeper.

    That is to say, it's a keeper unless my best girlfriend can't return the one she simultaneously ordered for me from a different website! I guess I'd better not buy anything else for myself until the shower's over. :)

    Anyway, my recommendation probably isn't much use for a disappearing item, but so far if anyone has a chance to pick up one of the dwindling supply, or is offered a used Close-to-Me, I'd advise you to take advantage of it!


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