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    Default Chair for one year old....

    Looking for a cute chair for my son, kind of like the anywhere chair at PBK....but just a bit less expensive! We're getting all kinds of relatives asking what Jonah wants for his birthday, LOL! I just want something small enough that he will be able to get in it himself, but that he will fit in for awhile...and I like the stuffed chair look, or something similar. Any linkies for me??


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    Default RE: Chair for one year old....

    Toys R Us and Babies R Us carry some in their stores for $50.
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    Default RE: Chair for one year old....

    BabyStyle has some chairs and ottomans for about $150. They also have chairs that are like big stuffed animals which are really cute for closer to $50.

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    Default RE: Chair for one year old....

    We have the Babystyle Lulu Lamb chair. Save your money. It's cute, but once it got here, I realised that there's no way a child can sit in it, since the sheep's head sits way too forward, obscuring the "seat" area.

    I would have returned it, except Sophie decided to spill milk all over the sheep's lap. So we now have a $60 toy sheep. Sophie generally rests her bottles on the sheep that's about it.


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    Default RE: Chair for one year old....

    Here's one idea:

    If you do end up getting this one, I'd be interested in hearing a review of it because I'm considering it. It seems like the ways that it's not as nice as the PBK chair are in its smaller size and in that the cover won't come off easily to wash (or so it sounds to me).

    You can also get a cordurouy cover for the PBK chair right now for $10 (at least it was at my local store), so that lowers the price a little for their chair.

    I also agree that the stuffed animal chairs don't work well for sitting--DS likes to hug his bear chair but can't sit in it because the head's in the way.

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    Default RE: Chair for one year old.... N2=&GEN5=Original%20Price:%20$59.95&GEN6=Retail%20 Value:%20$75.00&FNM=00&T1=VWNU%20703101&UREQA=2&UR EQB=5&UREQC=7&UREQD=8

    Jude received this for his birthday and loves to rock in it. Have not assembled the "potty" parts yet, in time.

    They also stuffed chairs and ottomans for $89.

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