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    Default RE: Is the Peg Perego Prima Pappa really that bad?

    I'm in the pro-PP camp too! I've used this chair for 4 years and still really like it. Granted, my kids *are* tall, but we never had a problem with the tray being too high.

    When I take it outside and really clean it and hose it off, it still looks brand new!

    (And I bought mine because it coordinated with my decor also! :) I got the baby blue with yellow gingham--it's very bright and cheery.)

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    Default RE: Is the Peg Perego Prima Pappa really that bad?

    I got mine 8.5 years ago when they first came out. At the time they were the ONLY highchairs that could fold. About a year previously all "foldables" had been recalled, so there were only these big, bulky ones to be had.

    I actually never liked the look of them. They only had white and blue and white checked. I got the white one as a gift.

    My son used the high chair until he outgrew it and while it is HARD to keep clean, I never found they tray to be too high, but my son was well above the 95th percentile in height.

    So, now I'm expecting #2 all this time later and I still have this high chair in storage. I'm SURE there are better alternatives out there now as things usually do improve with time and with parent suggestions, but if I was happy with it before, I should be happy with it again. I just wish it were easier to keep clean. All those little folds and indentations in the padding are traps for food.

    I really did enjoy using this high chair for a seat at the table WELL before he was ready to eat. I could put him at our height so HE felt better. Who wants to sit on the floor in a bouncy seat and look up at people? That was when we used the recline feature. I remember us raising and lowering the thing too, but I don't remember for what.

    But... that's just my 2 cents!


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    Default RE: Is the Peg Perego Prima Pappa really that bad?

    i'm in the pro pp camp too. it's almost the only piece of gear that has lasted (and still looks brand new after a cleaning) after 8 years and three kids.

    i remember how at the time when i registered for it that was the only one i could deal with. i'm sure there are alot of other models now.

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    Default RE: Is the Peg Perego Prima Pappa really that bad?

    I really like mine. Like others have said, the recline feature was helpful early on. My DD, 7 1/2 years, wanted her baby brother with us at the table, even before he ate solids. When she wass born, I really wanted the PP, as it was the only one available at the time with wheels, and wheels were (and are) very important to me. I didn't spend the money on a new prima pappa, but got a second-hand peg perego (I think it was called a youth chair-not made now) that also had wheels.It was great, very sturdy. It's still at my mom's house for when we eat there.

    Now, many less expensive chairs have wheels, so I probably would have researched different chairs before buying for my new DS. But my kind SIL found a PP at a store closing sale, and got quite a deal on it. She gave it to me while I was still preg, because she remembered a PP had been my dream chair when DD was a baby.

    Anyway, like I said, I like the chair, I don't have a problem with the tray height. I guess it does collect food, but I don't really have anything to compre it to. It is so sturdy, I can't imagine needing to ever replace it. My friends with cheaper chairs have had problems with them, too.

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    Default RE: Is the Peg Perego Prima Pappa really that bad?

    My neighbor has a PP Prima Pappa that she received as a shower gift from a friend when her DD was born 3 years ago. She is constantly telling me how much she hates it and it is a nighmere to clean.

    As soon as her DS (baby #2) was able to sit up on his own for feedings, she took the chair apart, cleaned it really good and sold it at a consignment sale. She bought her DS a booster with a tray that straps on to a regular chair (the new Fisher Price one) and is more than happy with it. to Jason & Devin

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    Default RE: Is the Peg Perego Prima Pappa really that bad?

    I actually own both of the chairs you are looking at. I have the PP at my house and the Healthy care at his Godmother's house. I have often thought about trading with his Godmother as the PP is an absolute nightmare to clean. My DS sometimes has vomit issues, always in this high chair and believe me, you have to go over it with a knife to get it out of the little crevices. I don't know what kind of vaccuum the other lady has, but I have a dyson, and it wouldn't suck it out to get it completely clean. These little crevices on on the foot, on the sides and also on the front sides.

    I bought the PP because it would look good in my kitchen (I have the sable) with the black appliances and cherry cabinets. It doesn't look good most of the time because it is so hard to clean that I picked up a cover from One Step Ahead to protect it from DS's vomit spells. (So it's not cute anyway).

    The Healthy care has the wheels, it has trays that you can actually wash in the dishwasher (mine has three) and DS really seems to love that chair more that the PP.

    If Godmother didn't live up on the second floor with a million steps, I probably would trade them in a heartbeat. It would simplify my life immenseley

    IF you are completely set upon getting this chair anyway for the looks of it, plan on purchasing a second seat cover from PP for the times that you have to wash it, because you can't put it in the dryer (if you get the cloth one).

    I hope this helps.

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    Default RE: Is the Peg Perego Prima Pappa really that bad?

    I just want to add that, whatever you choose, I highly recommend getting a highchair with wheels!

    I wrote earlier that we got our PP-PP free/used so I never really looked into models. I would have thought wheels were frivolous until I used the highchair IRL. We move DD from her feeding place in the tiled-floor kitchen to sit near us in our carpeted dining area. We turn her to face mama or dada at the dinner table. It's just nice (especially with my bad back) to have the flexibility to turn her easily.

    I one feature I don't get is the "rocker" -- I think it's on some new Peg Perego highchairs. Does anyone have/use this feature?
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