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    Default Prepare for a Jungle Gym/Swing Set

    Where can I find info. about how to prepare the ground for a swing set? I know we are going to put pea gravel down but what else do we need to do? My DH is buying one tonight and will probably put it up in the coming weeks.


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    Default RE: Prepare for a Jungle Gym/Swing Set

    Consumer Product Safety Commission Home Playground Safety Tips

    I think this might be what you're looking for. :)
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    Default RE: Prepare for a Jungle Gym/Swing Set

    Hmmm, this makes me wonder something I'd never thought of before (doh!). We have a secondhand Little Tikes climber cube for our 2.5 year old DD. We just put it in the backyard on the grass. Should we have prepared the ground first? I know you have to anchor LT swingsets and such, but what about these climbers?

    It's one of the bigger ones, I'd say the platform is about 24" high and the walls go up about 48" (chest height on me and I'm 5'5").

    Last year she needed me to lift her up and I spotted her all the time. This year I'm trying to spot her all the time but she is all over this thing, lol.

    If you have one an LT or Step2 climber, did you prepare the ground first?


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