I need help deciding whether or not I should allow my 3 yr old to have a Bitty Baby? Are they safe? It bothers me to think of her sleeping next to and breathing in PVC & Phthalates

My Mom decided that was what whe was going to buy my dd a Bitty Baby for Christmas this year and started showing the doll to her in the catalogue about a month ago. Now my dd is so excited about getting the doll with the trunk and all the fancy clothes and accessories that she can hardly sleep. Literally she woke up one night and was hysterical. She had a nightmare of some kind and when I asked her what was wrong she said she wanted a Bitty Baby. Maybe she had a dream that Santa didn't bring her one? When I ask her what she wants for Christmas that's all she says. I've actually had trouble coming up with a wish list to give other Grandparents and to do my own shopping.
The thing is she has other dolls (probably contain PVC/Pthalates)so it's not like she needs another doll. This was just to be an extra special one because she is baby crazy and she would be dissappointed if she didn't get a doll. I'm afraid that we've gotten her so hyped up about it, it will be a major let down if she doesn't get it. It's not like I think a child should have everything she wants but I feel like we set her up. On the other hand, I'm not going to buy her something unsafe. I was online looking for a coupon code when I found a doll listed as a safe Phthalate free alternative to American Girl dolls. Then I tried to read more about it. I knew about it in bottles etc, but I never thought about it in dolls. It's not like she is going to be chewing on it or anthing, but from some articles I've come across it seems that it's even something that leeches into the air and is breathed in. I know if we do get her the doll there is no way she will be deterred from having it in bed with her.
So I guess what I'm asking for is just everyone's opinions about Phthalates/American Girl dolls etc.
Thanks in Advance for your help and opinions.