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    Default Infant seat for S10 truck???

    We purchased a Graco Snugride for my car, but my husband drives a 99 Chevy S10. Just a jump seat in the back. The front passenger seat has an airbag cutoff switch, but is it safe to have a rear-facing seat, infant or convertible, in the front passenger seat? If so, which seat would be the best fit? Thanks for any help.

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    Default RE: Infant seat for S10 truck???

    Unfortunately, as you have found, smaller pickups are not very child friendly.

    With the airbag disabled, it is acceptable to have a rear-facing carseat in the front passenger side. This isn't ideal, but it is the best option for your vehicle. As for fit, your best bet is find seats that have the features you like, and make sure you have a good return policy just in case. You should also get a free carseat inspection (see ) before you return a carseat. You can also try Toby's database if you haven't already ( ).

    It is not acceptable to have any carseat or booster installed in a side facing jumpseat. These seats really aren't safe for any passenger.

    Good luck!


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    Default RE: Infant seat for S10 truck???

    Th e website carries an infant seat that claims to be the only seat approved for use in the front seat of a pickup. Just out of curiosity, I'd be interested to hear Toby or Darren's opinions on this seat. I've never seen it before.

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    Default RE: Infant seat for S10 truck???

    Unfortunately, the perfectlysafe website was painfully slow to load for me. Is the model you saw the same as this one?

    If so, this may be an acceptable option, though I believe there may be some question as to it labeling, since NHTSA warnings and best practice still emphasize never to use a rear-facing restraint in a position with a frontal airbag. So, while the seat may function well, there could be a question of legality which may vary state to state.

    Regardless, the best solution for any child 12 or under who MUST be placed in front because there is NO OTHER option is to disable the frontal airbag.


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