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    Default Best place to install carseat in a minivan?

    Is it safer to install the car seat in one of the captain's chairs in the center row (outboard position) as opposed to the back row of seats where one seat could be in the center? Does anyone here know if the Honda Odyssey has tethers/anchors for the center row seats? We haven't taken delivery of ours yet but are set to pick it up tomorrow, and I can't remember where the places were to tether the car seats.


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    Default RE: Best place to install carseat in a minivan?

    In theory, putting one child in the center position of each row would be "safest", but practically, it's a pain in the bum, lol.
    I have a 2003 Ody, and keep my DD in her Marathon behind the driver, and my older ds in the other captain's chair on the passenger side (he's either in a booster or a van/seat arrangement looks the same as Darren's in the link below). Sometimes I put the passenger side captain's chair in the center position, but sometimes my kids need a little more space between them.
    The tether anchors for the middle row are under and on the captain's chairs...they look like seat supports, and don't believe the salesman if he tells you the big metal bars on the floor are the tether anchors, they are the SEAT anchors, and tether hooks don't fit on them!
    Anyway, here's a page all about the Ody and carseat installation specs, that you should find really helpful
    I'm sure the information for yours will be all the same, since there has not been any design change in the car for a couple years.

    Anyway, I can't tell you how much we love's really a great van :)

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    Default RE: Best place to install carseat in a minivan?

    We have an Odyssey and moved the one captain's chair to the center position and put Colin's seat in that. When we have two in car seats, we will use the two captain's chairs. The back row is too hard to get to, IMO, to be loading a child into the car seat all the time (unless you have to do it that way).

    The tethers are underneath the seats, so they are actually attached to the seats and can be used rear- or forward-facing.
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