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    Default When is the best time to buy a stroller to get a good deal?

    I'm wondering when the new models of strollers are released and when you can find the best deal - is it right after they are released (on the previous year's model) or right before they are released? I'm interested in purchasing a stroller but I'm not sure if I should go ahead or if I should wait and try to get a better deal.

    Anyway - I'm not sure if when they say "2005" model if it means they will be released in January '05 or what. Not sure if it is like it is with cars when the next year's model is released during this current year!


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    Default RE: When is the best time to buy a stroller to get a good deal?

    Well I remember from last year that the best time to buy a stroller was between december and February. My baby was born in March, (and I didn't buy before) so I missed the clearance. (That was fine with me b/c I was able to get an 04' without anyone arguing with me about it.
    Some companies release strollers Nov - Dec. Others are released as late as March. HTH

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