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    Default In which strollers can baby face you?

    Hi all.

    DD, 4 months old, is getting ready to switch from her Snugride/Kolcraft combo to the Silver Cross Camden we bought before she was born. We tried out the SC the other day and I just hated not being able to look at DD anymore (excpet through the canopy)!!! I'll probably get over this and (I assume?) that DD will like looking outward more in the future, but it got me thinking...

    Are there any strollers (not prams) where the baby faces you? I believe the Bugaboo has this capability (to face either way), but are there any others?

    If so, or if you have the Bugaboo, do you find that there are times when your child wants to face you/face out, i.e. have a preference either way?

    Thanks! I know the stroller mavens here will have some great tips!

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    Default RE: In which strollers can baby face you?

    I have the Zooper Zydeco and baby can face either way in that. The only trouble is, you have to remove the whole seat, turn it around, and put it back on the stroller fram to accomplish this (vs. just switching around the handlebar) so if baby gets unhappy with facing you mid-stroll, it's kind of a pain to turn her around again.

    Once DD got to a certain age (maybe around 5-6 months) she hated facing me anyway - she just wanted to look out and see the world.

    BTW, the canopy window on the Zydeco is HUGE, which helps. I can still get a very good view of her whenever I want!

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    Default RE: In which strollers can baby face you?

    There were some recent discussions regarding reversible handles which would have a lot of information for you. Some to get you started would be Apricas and the Venezia or Milano by Peg Perego. I have found a reversible handle or seat to be priceless even into toddlerhood. It is such fun to be on a walk and able to talk to your passenger face to face. :-)
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    MeredithsMom Guest

    Default RE: In which strollers can baby face you?

    Thanks Jo & Kath--

    I will be investigating those strollers, especially since just about anything is cheap compared to the Bugaboo. :-)

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    Default RE: In which strollers can baby face you?

    We have a Bugaboo which is almost always in the baby-faces-driver position, & a Volo which only faces out, & ds is happy w/either. I guess many kids want to face out at a certain age, but at 21 m, ds is still happy to face his driver (& I love it!)

    Alex 3/18/03

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    Default RE: In which strollers can baby face you?

    Combi has a new stroller called the i-thru, I don't think it is in stores yet- looks cool, the seat reverses, but the whole thing can be folded down as one unit and it takes a carseat. You can see it at

    ALso- Inglesina is coming out with the Liberty.

    My friend has a Venezia for her 9 month old now, lives in NYC and is very happy with it.

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    Default RE: In which strollers can baby face you?

    Aprica also makes a reversable handle stroller, I have the Promenade and LOVE it! It is expensive, but still cheaper than a Bugaboo.

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