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    Default Best way to babyproof coffee table edges

    Does anyone have a good recommendation? My 9 mo old son loves to pull himself up using the coffee table, but gets unstable and falls down. He's already bumped his head slightly so I need to get something asap before he gets hurt! Thanks so much for your advice.

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    Default RE: Best way to babyproof coffee table edges

    I personally never did anything to the edges, and unless you have sharp edges that could cut a baby, I'd just be watchful. If the table could harm the baby, replace the table. (My friend had a razor sharp glass table that she had to sell.) Perhaps you could remove the coffee table until he is more steady? Or direct him to an ottoman or couch to pull up and cruise on? This is such a FUN stage!! Enjoy :)

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    Default RE: Best way to babyproof coffee table edges

    We had to babyproof a glass kidney-shaped coffee table with metal legs. Nothing fit. And it's the only table shape that works with our couch. I was not about to replace both :)

    We ended up buying foam tubes that are used to weather proof water pipes from Home Depot and attaching them with a really strong packaging tape to the table edges. Had to put tape on top of the pipes too since DS tried to bite small pieces of foam off.

    It looks ugly but works. Was cheap too. Each foam pipe cost $1 and we used only three or four of them.


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    Default RE: Best way to babyproof coffee table edges

    We went the oh so attractive padded all the way around bumper route. We got it at BRU for about $25. It isn't pretty but it works.

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