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    Default I need to keep cats out of babies room but I don't want the door closed all the time.

    Her room has only one vent so it is hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. I have seen people put up screening doors, I am open to this ideamb ut I want to be able to keep the regular door too. ANy other suggestions or tips on where to get and how install a screen door inside?
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    Default RE: I need to keep cats out of babies room but I don't want the door closed all the time.

    Hi Eden -

    Although I haven't seen or heard of how to install a screen door inside, I thought maybe I could recommend a couple of things that I have heard work for people who are trying to keep a cat out of the nursery (particularly just out of the crib) but still keep the door open.

    1) A canopy tent for over the crib. These are built just for cribs & are for sale at most places like Babycenter & BRU. I don't particularly like the idea of enclosing the crib with a mesh canopy, I think it looks bulky and seems it would be cumbersome to remove or unzip the panel when trying to get at your little one.

    2) I read someone say that they put tin foil in the baby crib before their baby was born & it trained the cat never to jump into the crib. If & when it did, it scared them because of the sound, feel & reflection of the foil so the cat would jump out right away. I imagine if you baby is already born, you could try this trick during the hours when baby isn't in their crib.

    3) Baby gate. Okay, crazy as this sounds since cats can jump right over a gate, a friend of mine said she put up a gate in an effort to help prevent her toddler from getting out in the middle of the night and possibly tripping down the stairs in the dark. What she found is that her cat (mind you, an older, chubbier one) was too lazy to jump over it and just stayed out. Wouldn't that be nice? LOL!

    Well, maybe someone else might come to your rescue about installing an indoor screen door, but if not maybe 1 of the above ideas might work in the interim. Worth a shot!

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    Default RE: I need to keep cats out of babies room but I don't want the door closed all the time.

    We have two cats and we wanted to keep them out of the crib and their hair off her play mat, etc. I bought a simple wood screen door at Home Depot for about $18 as well as a package of brass hinges. My father-in-law had a magnetic clasp and a friend had given us painted bug drawer pulls.

    We mounted the screen door on the hallway side so that the regular door would stay in place. The screen door was slightly wide so we had to plane it down to fit. We painted it white to match our door trim. We installed the hinges and door. We used two drawer pulls to be the handles on the inside and outside of the door. My FIL had a long bolt which was the right size for the pulls and I cut the head off so that we could screw a pull on at either end. To hold the door closed, my FIL had a magnetic catch that keeps the door closed.

    You mention that you want airflow and we did too. I find that the screen door still does not let as much airflow as I expected. We have a digital thermometer on the table next to the crib and it stays several degrees cooler in there even with the door open and the screen door closed.

    EDIT: Also, the drawer pulls are a little tall and prevent the regular door and the screen door being completely closed at the same time. If you want to be able to do that, buy pulls that are lower profile.

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