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    Default I need a really hard to open baby gate....

    ....for the top of my stairs.

    My 14 month old's nursery is upstairs, and her playroom is right next to it, with a large landing in front of both. We have babyproofed the area and when one of us is upstairs we have been letting her have the run of the area.

    Yesterday morning I got her out of her crib and put her down to play. I went into the playroom to pick it up, she was in there with me for a minute and then went back towards her nursery (Elmo's World had just come on). The next thing I know I hear a loud THUMP and then the sound of something rolling down the stairs.

    She had gotten the gate open and fell down the entire flight of stairs. Wood stairs. 16 of them.

    She's fine, but it's an experience I'd really rather not repeat. I have the KidCo Safeway G20. She's very tall for her age and waaay to smart. We had thought that maybe the gate wasn't shut right until we saw her messing with the latch today.

    Does anyone have any reommendations for a difficult to open, hardware mounted gate?


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    Default RE: I need a really hard to open baby gate....

    I like the First Years Simple and Secure Stair Gate. You have to push in and turn the knob to unlatch it. Also, you can just swing it shut and it automatically latches.

    ETA: Since you have an escape artist, you might consider an alarm on any gate you put up - you can get stick on dorr alarms at Home Depot or Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $10 for 4 of them.

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    Default RE: I need a really hard to open baby gate....

    Wow, there must be something wrong there! A 14 mo. old should NOT be able to open a baby gate! How scary! I have the Evenflo Secure Solutions gate and I love it. Most ADULTS who come to visit can't get it open! LOL

    Also, it should be installed to open AWAY from the stairs so that if they DO get it open, at least they don't fall forward when pushing on it.

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    Default RE: I need a really hard to open baby gate....

    We have cardinal gates for the stairs - they are definitely hard to open (even for adults).

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