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    Default Backed into a dumpster - IN MY DRIVEWAY!

    No, I did not forget it was there, no I was not rushing, no I was not distracted by DS, I was specifically looking out the back window backing out of the garage slowly so that I WOULD NOT hit the dumpster and POP!!!! G-d, I hear that sound in my head over and over and over again. Glass everywhere, what a FREAKIN' mess!!!!

    What do you think this repair will add to the cost of gutting our bathroom (which by the way, last weekend was leaking into our KITCHEN!)

    Oh, and no, I didn't just shatter the glass windshield, I dented the &^%$ SUV door!

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    Default RE: Backed into a dumpster - IN MY DRIVEWAY!

    Oh no!!!!

    ~ deb
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    Default RE: Backed into a dumpster - IN MY DRIVEWAY!

    We were power-washing our driveway once so we parked our car in the neighbors drive (we were all very friendly).

    We finish and its time to move our car back. The couple across the street have company who had decided to park in the street. I was being so careful not to hit his truck but didn't want to drive thru my neighbors grass and of course wham, I smashed his little truck. His front fender and passenger door were all messed up. We had a Nissan Maxima at the time and all it did was scratch the bumper a little.

    The guy wasn't mad, it was sort of a crappy little truck. When the ins came thru he got a new paint job on the entire truck and new stereo system. (since I smashed one of his speakers). He came to our house to personally thank me for hitting his truck, it was the best thing that had happened to him.

    Not the best for us, huge deductable and higher premiums. At least someone benefited.

    We had someone hit our (new) Expedition in a restaurant parking lot. Guy left a note but we couldn't even read his phone number his writing was so messy. We tried every variation of that number. Its been a few months, I guess we just have to go get the damn thing fixed ourselves out of pocket. I'd rather he not have left a note at all.


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