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    Hnote7 Guest

    Default Timeless Bridal Collection by Darlene Masucci

    I am interested in a gown that I found at Timeless Bridal
    at the Bridal Building in NYC.(1385 Broadway).
    This is the building thats supposed to be a secret. It one of the main buildings that has many wedding gown designers offices in it. It is closed to the public, except on Saturdays. When I walked in to the open door of Timeless they asked if I had an appointment. I said no, and that I didn't realize you needed one. So they said they would try to fit me in. A few minutes later I had a gown on, and I loved it. Next thing you know I had a veil, beaded with crystal comb in my hair and gloves to match. I told the woman I didn't want to spend alot of money, and the outfit I had on totaled to around $2,300.00. (Of course I am going to love it). I had a friend with me, but they would barely let him in to see the dress, because it was woman only. It was so frustrating! Then a woman came in who apparantly had an appointment and I was immediately pushed aside, as the woman who was helping me told me she was trying on a $4,000.00 dress.
    I found out that they only take checks, which is very odd, and fishy. They said they have been in business for 15 years, and the dress would be guarenteed to come in a month before my wedding. My wedding is the second week of September, and it's now March 1st. This gown has very little beading, and the sample fit me like a glove, what takes so long? To wrap this up...I went outside to talk it over with my friend, and when I went back in, I was pretty much ignored. I asked to try on another gown, but was told that I didn't have an appointment, and as far as they were concerned, I found the gown of my dreams. UUUGGGGHHHH! The woman took my phone number and said to call to make an appointment for next Saturday, and they will try to fit me in. After all this, I still want this darn dress. I have tried on around 50 gowns, and have hit so many stores. Any one have any other information about this place? What should I do? I don't even know the number of the dress, and can't find the dress on the Timless web site. It's nowhere to be found to even order it at a discount bridal web site or store. Any information of this company would be of great help to me. Thanks. Ang

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    Community Chest Guest

    Default RE: Timeless Bridal Collection by Darlene Masucci

    I replied to you on the other conference.

    I'll recap what I said over there:

    Don't do business with places that take checks only. If you cut them a check and they disappear or something happens with your gown order, you'll be SOL. If you have a credit card, quite another story when you place the order.

    I didn't like the bridal building. Nothing there wowed me.

    If you think it's fishy they won't take checks, trust your gut on this.

    I get the feeling this is a generic knock off and the price is way jacked up. For that alone, they can keep their dresses.

    I don't like the way they've treated you -- a vendor like this doesn't deserve your hard earned money.

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    Buckeroo515 Guest

    Default RE: Timeless Bridal Collection by Darlene Masucci

    The same thing happened to me! EXACTLY!! Since she had the dress of my dreams I did it! I bought my dress there and I am sweating it out! Could anyone tell me more??


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    positano Guest

    Default RE: Timeless Bridal Collection by Darlene Masucci

    This also happened to me...and I'm currently in the middle of a decision.

    Buckeroo - Have you found any more information about them? Please let me know what you've found since your post?

    I went there yesterday.
    I too, found a dress I love - so far more than any others that I've tried (including major designers).

    I let myself get roped into putting down $100 to "secure" the "wholesaler" price. I wanted to go back in early January after the holidays after I've visited a few more places. The saleswoman I dealt with insisted I decide in a couple of days or else I would have to pay the retail price [i.e. double].

    The woman told me it would take 9 months (9 months!!???) for the dress to be made - it is now December...fitting would be in August....and my wedding is September in another country! It seems very risky and it doesn't sound exactly right to me.

    Many thanks for any advice about this vendor.


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    marivac24 Guest

    Default RE: Timeless Bridal Collection by Darlene Masucci

    I purchased my gown there. I went on a Saturday without an appointment and they took me since they weren't that busy. the first dress i tried on, the Diana dress, i loved and bought. I wasn't nervous about it coming in June (I am getting married in August) because I know lots of brides that purchased gowns and they do usually take 9 months to come in. No one i know buys a gown and takes it home and only waits two months for it to come in. waiting nine months is normal so I would worry about it too much. Your checks were payable to Timeless bridal so keep the check if you are worried. i wouldn't worry about it too much though.

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    positano Guest

    Default RE: Timeless Bridal Collection by Darlene Masucci

    Thanks for sharing your experience....I'm still surprised about the 9 month lag time....most people I know have waited 4 months to 6 months max for their gowns to be made, that's why I was surprised.

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    Slpinbeauty622 Guest

    Default RE: Timeless Bridal Collection by Darlene Masucci

    I'm also interested in one of their dresses Gianna Gown. I love this dress and have been looking around to see if i find it elsewhere, however nothing seems trustworthy. So i was thinkin of going to their showroom here in NY. Any advice or info you can give me will be appreciated.

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    jimisgirlie Guest

    Default RE: Timeless Bridal Collection by Darlene Masucci

    Hi. I was there November 15th, 2004 and I found the dress of my dreams. The women there seemed very nice and I am supposed to be getting it fitted next month and to pay for the rest. The price was very reasonable for what I was getting.

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    hershey1 Guest

    Default RE: Timeless Bridal Collection by Darlene Masucci

    I purchased my bridal gown from Timless Bridal in Feb 2004 - I was married in October 2004. I am recommending to ALL brides - DO NOT USE TIMELESS BRIDAL!!! I had an AWFUL experience with this company, and have since opened a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They must have their sales pitched memorized, and choregraphed because I went through the same thing when I visited their showroom. I am attaching the BBB complaint that I filed shortly after my wedding.


    Timeless Bridal Collection, Inc.
    1385 Broadway-Ste. 1214
    New York, NY UNITED STATES, 10018


    Date Received:11/19/2004 10:30:21 AM
    Primary Complaint Classification: Product Quality
    Secondary Complaint Classification: Service Issues
    The basis for my complaint against Timeless Bridal is product quality.

    I entered into a contract with Timeless Bridal on Feb. 28, 2004 to purchase a wedding gown for my wedding on October 23, 2004. My dress was custom made to fit my measurements. Alterations were not included in the price of the dress.

    On September 28, 2004 I paid $100 to have my gown altered. I returned on October 8, 2004 for the final alteration and picked up my dress.

    On my wedding day - October 23, 2004, I noticed a slit in the seam on the bodice of my dress. I was horrified!

    When I returned from my honeymoon I contacted Timeless Bridal and told them about the slit in the seam and asked if the seamstress could repair the dress. I was told someone would get back to me.

    After a week without a response - I called Timeless Bridal again and inquired about my dress. I was told that the seamstress would not fix the dress and that I should have it fixed on my own. I told them that if the seamstress had done quality work - the seam should not have torn. I was told once again - that they will not do anything for me - and that I had to pay for the alterations myself.

    In addition the service that I experienced at Timeless Bridal was horrific! When I purchased the dress I was told that I would receive a picture of my dress so as to coordinate my flowers, hairstyles ect. I was told the dress was new and was in a series of fashion shows. Once they got a photo from the fashion shows they would give it to me.

    I inquired every month from the time of purchase and was told in Sept (one month before my wedding) that the dress was NEVER photographed. I told them I needed the dress for my hair design and flowers - and they told me to "Get a picture from a magazine of a similar dress." I told them this was unacceptable - they proceeded to tell other brides shopping in the showroom to "Ignore (me), we told her she wasn't going to get a picture".

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    rachelx Guest

    Default RE: Timeless Bridal Collection by Darlene Masucci

    Dear Worried,

    Darlene Masucci dresses take longer to be made??? because her materials are coming from Europe. handmade lace takes time too??? have you seen them making it?? thousands of pins and they work at an at such a fast rate but the lace does not seem to grow much as they work!

    I saw a Gianna here

    You will always have someone complain about their gown.I love Darlene Masucci designs, materials and laces, her designs truely have feminine essence.

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