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    Kate888 Guest

    Default Do you tip your personal trainer...

    when your sessions with him/her are over? I have 4 more sessions left with my trainer and am wondering what to do at the last session. I just read an article in Real Simple magazine, saying to tip the trainer $50-100 dollars. Has anyone had any experience with this? Don't know if this helps, but each session at my gym costs about $75.

    What gifts would you suggest? I'm thinking about gift certificates (not creative at all).

    Thanks for your help :)

    Mama to Maya 2-17-02

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    tippy Guest

    Default RE: Do you tip your personal trainer...

    Hi Kate,

    As a massage therapist who works in a health club setting I can only speak from personal experience. I make a percentage of the amount charged (a much smaller percentage than the health club keeps). I am also taxed on the money I make. That being said, it is always nice to receive a tip. The only time I don't "expect" a tip is when I am working out of my home or my clients home since obviously I will be keeping the full amount they are paying me. I live in NY so I tip 20% or more depending on the price of the service and how good it was. The place I work only charges 60.00/hr for a full hour massage and I have a number of regular clients who tip me 20.00. On the other hand I have some who don't tip at all and others who leave 5 or 10.00. I usually will leave out a small envelope that say's gratuities, thank you. I guess that is difficult for a trainer. I always tip when I receive a manicure, pedicure, I think it makes sense to tip for a massage or personal training session. HTH and JMO.

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    Default RE: Do you tip your personal trainer...

    That's a tough one Kate. I would never have thought to do it either. I did a quick google and on

    it mentioned tipping around Holiday season. Of course, this wouldn't really apply since your sessions are almost done with your trainer. Another message board site said no way on tipping and mentions that anyone that provides one on one service should be tipped.

    Maybe ask someone in the club if they tip the trainers?

    Good luck with it!
    Mom to R and R

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    Kate888 Guest

    Default RE: Do you tip your personal trainer...

    Thank you ladies :) Yes, I'm gonna give the gym a call and see what they say about this. If I didn't read that article on Real Simple, maybe I wouldn't put much thought about how much to tip and just get a gift instead. This new trainer (the old one was fired by the gym, please refer to the Bitching Post, lol) is very nice, so I want to show my appreciation :)

    Mama to Maya 2-17-02

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