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    Default Where to get window christmas lights/candle?

    Where would I find the individual electric lights that are supposed to resemble candles lit in each of the front facing windows (cute and easy outdoor christmas decorating). I found some $1 electric ones at walmart, but I would prefer ones that have a light sensor, or even better would be some battery operated ones.

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    Default RE: Where to get window christmas lights/candle?

    Ewww...those battery-powered candles EAT batteries for LUNCH!! You can always tell the battery operated candles by the enormously DIM light it gives out. I recommend you stick with the ones you have from Walmart...that's probably where I got mine (if not at the NEX), but I just put a little tap on the sides when I place it on the window sill, plug it in and then twist the bulb to turn it on and off. YOu can get cheap timers for $3-4.00 at Home Depot if you want. Honestly, by the time you pay for batteries and the higher price for the sensor ones, you might as well just buy the timers.

    But that's just me. We have a candle in each window this year and they really do look so nice.

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    Default RE: Where to get window christmas lights/candle?

    DON'T get the sensor ones with kids in the house!

    Here's what happened to my sister. Her 4 yo was playing the living room and knocked one off the windowsill. His favorite thing to do is to take all the cushions off the couch and one landed on top of the candle.

    Since it lights up when it senses darkness, the light went on. A few hours later, when my sister was picking up the cushions, she found the candle and was overwhelmed by the burning smell. Both her couch cushion and her carpet had very very dark burn marks. If she had left it much longer, it surely would have ignited.

    She promptly took all her candles out of the windows.

    I have electric ones that have an on/off switch. Works fine for me. I got them at Target on clearance after Christmas one year.

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    Default RE: Where to get window christmas lights/candle?

    I'll have to look in Target. The ones from Walmart do not have a long enough cord, and I would have to invest in extension cords, which I really dont want to have lying around the house!

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    Default RE: Where to get window christmas lights/candle?

    I have some from last year that have three candles on one base. The batteries did not need to be replaced and they were still good when I took them out. If you get one that will not light, try swapping some of the removable parts between two of the candles. They are a bit touchy, but once you get them set you just twist the bulb to turn on and off.


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