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    Default OT - Target underwear

    Hi all,
    I was at Target yesterday and was amazed by all the selection of underwear. Most looked and felt very nice. I ended up not buying anything since I was not sure of the quality. Which panties have you had good luck with? I like high cut briefs that don't ride up and stay put. Not very exciting, I know :-) I was checking out the Gilligan O'Malley brand. Are they any good?

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    Default RE: OT - Target underwear

    That's all I buy! :) I get the hipsters and they fit me perfectly, plus are a good price and they have some cute colors and patterns.



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    Default RE: OT - Target underwear

    Me too! :)
    I used to by a similar style at Gap Body then I found these at Target.
    Price is right and I can usually buy a matching bra same brand.

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    Default RE: OT - Target underwear

    another big fan of gillian o'malley! i have three pairs that i wear all the time and they are holding up great. i have had them for about 6 months?
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    Default RE: OT - Target underwear

    I also love the feel and fit of these (use the high cut briefs- don't ride up!), but I haven't had luck like the PPs. The undies have pilled horribly and have come undone in a short period of time. Maybe I got a bad batch or am washing them wrong? Anyway, I"m bummed because they are sooo comfortable & the price is right. I'll probably give them another shot. I use the cotton ones and they are very soft. The bras have held up better & they also are cotton.

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    Default RE: OT - Target underwear - question?

    Sorry to hijack, but I am in search of new underwear. . . . How are these for visible panty line? I'm a bit obessive about this.


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    Default RE: OT - Target underwear

    My fav undies were made by Hanes and they were called Invisible. They were perfect: very strechy, very soft, hipster shape, and left no lines. However, they were discontinued :( and now you can find them (if there are any left) at biglots.
    When I need more (I stocked up at biglots) the gilligan brand sounds like it may be a good replacement, so thanks for the tip!! Hopefully this won't get discontinued either!

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    Default RE: OT - Target underwear

    Just wanted to throw another brand into the mix, and see if anyone knows where else to get them!

    On a fluke, I grabbed a pack from it-se-bit-se by French Dressing that was at Costco. They're comfy, soft, and have held up wonderfully so far. I started looking for more, and couldn't figure out anywhere to get them, IRL or online. Costco has them again (I think it's something like $10 for 6, so great price, too!).

    Not sure about the panty lines, though!

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