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    Default Wording for joint birthday party invitation?

    My SIL wants us to go in on a joint birthday party for my DN (4) and my DD (3). Their birthdays are a day apart. We may plan a small kid activity on DDs actual birthday, but are ok with a joint family party on the weekend. The problem is that SIL will also be inviting DN's friends so that it will be a kid plus family party. She is planning Batman inspired invitations. Personally, I don't care too much about the theme, but am stumped as to how to word the invite so that family knows this party is to celebrate both their birthdays, but SILs friends don't come with gifts for DD. Any one have experience with joint you do seperate themes? Separate invitations? Separate cakes? Any advice would be appreciated. TIA

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    Default RE: Wording for joint birthday party invitation?

    It sounds like it would be a confusing invite if you did one for both DD and DN. I would do seperate invites and seperate cakes, so they both get to blow out candles.:) I wouldn't worry too much about theme.

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    Default RE: Wording for joint birthday party invitation?

    I would do a family party for both kids, and let them have their own separate kid party with their own theme. It's nice to be able to get the families together, but it sounds confusing with a boy and a girl theme... the kids might not get it, or they could get hurt if one gets more presents, or has more friends over.

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    Default RE: Wording for joint birthday party invitation?

    My friend and I are doing a joint party. Her son and my daughter. It's a "royal" theme, so Prince and Princess. We would have mostly the same guests outside of family because we're all in the same playgroup together. One cake, they can both blow it out together. They are friends, and at 3, I don't think they'd know or care as long as they were getting a slice! :P As for gifts, we don't open until we're home anyway, so it won't be a problem. You take your gifts when you leave, I'll take mine. You could do separate invitations as not to confuse guests though.

    Let us know how it goes, I'd love to see pics!

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    Default RE: Wording for joint birthday party invitation?

    I agree with Kate!

    Separate invites and separate cakes.

    Maybe talk to your SIL about doing a theme that works for both
    boys and girls.
    My daughter went to a brother/sister combo party and it was
    a jungle safari theme.

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    Default RE: Wording for joint birthday party invitation?

    How about a general super hero theme? I think they should each have their own cakes though!

    Maybe a working like

    It's ___________ and __________ birthdays
    come help us celebrate the super hero way!

    Join us
    date, time, place etc

    you could use this themed party ware with wonderwoman and other male superheroes (including batman!)

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    Default RE: Wording for joint birthday party invitation?

    It's really up to you and your SIL. We did an Elmo theme for our party/playdate just because he was the only one that all the 2 year olds actually recognized. It wasn't that much of a theme, though--party hats, tablecloth, balloons. Anyway, on the front we had a picture of the two of them together, and I did something like, "Kaya and Griffin R turning 2!" On the inside, on the left side, I had a picture of Elmo and he said, "Come join the fun!" Then on the right side, I did wrote "The Event" on the top and Who: Kaya and Griffin, What: 2nd Birthday, When: the date, Where: Kaya's House, Why: To Celebrate!!!. We did cupcakes with little Elmo toppings and Kaya and Griffin each had their own candles.

    At our party, there was our normal playgroup, plus a set of twins who were Kaya's friends. We didn't word anything, but they came with a gift just for Kaya. When I gave her the invitation, I said, "Why don't you join us for Kaya's party?" It was nice and low key.

    I agree with PP, though. It seems like it would be confusing to do a joint party with extra kids. And separate themes, separate invitations? That just seems confusing. Would your SIL be willing to do a kids-only playdate party later?

    For the cake, if you don't want to do a joint cake, you can just do cupcakes with a different theme/candy topping or mini decoration.

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