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    Default Which vans & years have stow n go and dual power doors?

    I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey that does not have stow n go. I like it, but it is a crash magnet. In the past 2 months both doors, front bumper, and rear have been crashed. Last night at dinner someone hit our car and crushed the back, and I didn't even know until we got home. I just feel like it is bad luck, and I want something else. Ideally 2005-2007 with stow n go and dual power doors for under 30K. I saw a Chrysler T & C today that I liked. Did Honda start 2005 with stow n go? And are the only models with dual power doors the T &C, Honda, and Toyota? I'd love to hear your opinions and advice.

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    Default RE: Which vans & years have stow n go and dual power doors?

    I believe the Chrysler/Dodge mini-vans are the only ones with the stow and go option. I believe both have dual power doors depending on the package.
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    Default RE: Which vans & years have stow n go and dual power doors?

    2006 Kia Sedonas have a version of Stow and Go. The name is trademarked by Chrysler so I don't know what Kia actually cals it.
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    Default RE: Which vans & years have stow n go and dual power doors?

    Just bought a 2007 Odyssey and only the back row folds flat. You might want to check out the Nissan Quest. We thought it was really nice and it has dual power doors (and power back door), the second row seats fold almost flat, it has a rear alarm, etc and it's under $30k.
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    Default RE: Which vans & years have stow n go and dual power doors?

    I have an '02 Dodge Grand Caravan that does not have Stow N Go. I believe that Stow N Go started with the '04 model year.
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    Default RE: Which vans & years have stow n go and dual power doors?

    My '06 Odyssey has it a stow feature in front of the middle row, not as nice as the cushier models, mine is a more basic model, but it's there. It's kinda shallow, not enough for packages, but for rollerblades, lunchboxes, etc. But the rear has a ton 'o room. Love my Odyssey! :) Dual power doors are optional.

    The KIA has a lot of options, but I've had one and the resale was HORRIBLE. I'd definitely check into that before I bought one. It's also the heaviest of the minivans, so the gas mileage is lower.

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    Default RE: Which vans & years have stow n go and dual power doors?

    The Stow and Go from Chrysler was offered in 2004 on the 2005 models. I know because I bought one. It is a great feature and I do love the dual power doors and rear hatch. The "extras" were what sold us on it over the Honda. Well, that and the fact that DH got a corporate discount so it was 1% below invoice.

    I have had a few things go wrong. Nothing that left me on the side of the road and all were covered by the warranty. I think that some were just part of the fact that I got one of the first ones. We bought it in April 2004. My neighbor bought one at the end of 2004 and has had no problems at all. I have another friend that bought a 2005 and hasn't had any of them either. My "guy" at the dealership has told me that he has seen them in all the early models.

    All in all, it has been a good car and it has been great on gas. I used to drive a Ford Explorer and this is so much better. I love the room and we have laid all the seats flat on more than one occasion so it has been worth it. I store DS's sand toys, kite and other park goodies under his seat. It is nice to be able to flip the seat down to allow for more room when we drive my inlaws or parents.

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    Default RE: Which vans & years have stow n go and dual power doors?

    We have a 2005 T&C Touring by Chrysler and I love it. It has power everything (dual power doors and rear power lift) as well as stow/go for all the seats. It is so helpful to flip the seats up/down with such ease and i love the extra storage. We've had it for 15 months - no problems and good gas mileage. I think we got it for about $27k. (we also bought it as a sort of spur of the moment decision and didn't test out any hondas/toyotas, but I've never regretted it.

    Also, I really like the way I can immedietly change the seating configuration. We have two captains chairs in the middle and the rear is a 60/40 split. I have several kids and we are always flipping things around depending on whose riding - the stow/go makes this so easy.

    Good luck!

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