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    Default How do you know if you need wide shoes?

    DD isn't a big complainer - her first pair of Stride Rites were Normal width (I think). I just bought her the next size up and all the Nordstrom Rack had were the Wide and that's what I got...

    How do you know which is best? Is there a chart somewhere? It is only Stride Rites that come in variable widths?

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    Default RE: How do you know if you need wide shoes?

    When you have your child's feet measured, they will tell you if they need wide or not. There is something on the measurer thingy (not sure what its' called, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about).

    My oldest DS has wide feet, but fortunately, my yougest DS doesn't. Wide sizes are hard to find, especially as his feet get bigger. to Jason & Devin

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    Default RE: How do you know if you need wide shoes?

    yes, their is a measurement device to help with this BUT i'll also add every shoe is different sometimes they run wide or narrow etc...

    Many times it's about trying the shoe on that tells you whether a wider style will be needed.

    My son bounces back and forth between a medium width and wide...depends on the style/brand.

    ~Pamela Mom Of 3

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