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    Default Car seat table & footrest

    Has anyone ever used car seat tables and footrests? One Step Ahead sells this combo unit as well as the table and footrest separately.

    I don't have a Toddler Bargains book to they rate/review them in the book?

    My son is 3+ and I thought it would come in handy on long trips, but I'm concerned about the safety of it in the event of an accident.

    Kate, mom of Noah (3+) and Luka (11 mos)

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    Default RE: Car seat table & footrest

    My fear would be that they could become big, heavy projectiles in an accident. That's just my gut feeling- without really getting a great sense of how the product is made (is it firmly attached somewhere?).


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    Default RE: Car seat table & footrest

    I have that table and footrest. I bought it for a long car trip last year and it was a god send. He loved being able to use his crayons right on the table - they wash off great.

    It's very sturdy and secure - in fact sometimes the table is on so tight I struggle to get it unhooked from the base. I think you would be very happy with it.

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    Default RE: Car seat table & footrest

    It is actually not recommended to use any aftermarket product that could interfere with the install of the seat, and since this goes under the seat, my fear is that it would prevent a tight enough install. The other problem with this product is that it's hard plastic. In a severe accident, I'd be afraid this product would actually hurt my child. Furthermore, aftermarket products will void the warranty of your car seat and could release them from liability as well. Here's a list of mfg statements:

    If you need a footrest, then the feet seat is a good one:

    or just use string and a hollow pool noodle and run the string through the pool noodle and around the back of the seat thru the fwd facing belt path. That won't interfere in any way w/the seat install and noodles are not hard enough to cause injury in an accident.

    For a tray, I've bought a piece of foam core board from the Dollar Tree and cut it down to a reasonable size - wide enough to fit across the sides of the seat. DS used that on our last 5hr trip and it worked great. Plus it was really cheap! :-)

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