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    Default laundry question again - OxiClean vs Clorox 2

    What is the difference between Baby OxiClean and regular OxiClean?

    And I just found some Clorox 2 in the garage - does anyone use that in place of OxiClean or use it together?

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    Default RE: laundry question again - OxiClean vs Clorox 2

    I think the difference is that Baby OxiClean is fragrance free. The packaging says 'fragrance, chlorine & dye-free' while the regular OxiClean just says 'chlorine-free'.


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    Default RE: laundry question again - OxiClean vs Clorox 2

    Clorox2 is basically liquid Oxylean. Chemically they do the same thing. Use whichever is more convenient for you :-)

    Baby Oxiclean is a marketing thing. A few years ago Oxiclean changed their formula and added a bunch of stuff to it. (It didn't always have those blue crystals, and suds up so much, and have that smell, remember?) Then suddenly Baby Oxiclean hit the market and guess what - it's the same thing as the original oxiclean, just in a new package. Personally, I wouldn't spend the money on Baby Oxiclean. If you don't want the extras that Oxiclean has now, buy one of the generic oxygen cleaners. It's a lot cheaper and it's the same thing. I use the Sun brand :-)

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