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    aliceinwonderland Guest

    Default JC Penney PHOTO coupon??

    Erik doesn't have any studio pics yet (I know, BAD parents!!), and I hear JC Penney is pretty good. Any coupons you can spare???

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    wookiewoo Guest

    Default RE: JC Penney PHOTO coupon??

    I don't have any JC Penny ones but I do know for sure that Sears has coupons on their website ( for their studio and we have had some really nice pics from them. (maybe JC Penny has the same at their site??) The coupons are for single sheets for $5.99 and a pretty nice sized package for $4.99 I believe. They have been really nice to us, we weren't happy with our first set of pictures and they reprinted all of them for free!!

    I also saw that if you baby is under 3 months Olan Mills studios will give you a free portrait. Picture people is also having a photo "contest" and you can get 1 free 8x10 and free sitting fee for the contest. You shouldn't need a coupon, they have it advertised all over the one at our mall!



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    Default RE: JC Penney PHOTO coupon??

    Check out JCPenney's portrait site - they usually have coupons:

    In my experience with JCPenney, it pays to book the first appointment of they day as they often overbook themselves and it can get chaotic.

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    Happy Mom Guest

    Default RE: JC Penney PHOTO coupon??

    JC Penney has photo coupons on their website. I've had several portraits of our twins done there and they are always great with the babies and the pictures are really good. They usually have portrait sheets for $3.99 each or a package of one pose for $7.99. When you order a 5x7, you get 3 billfold and 3 wallets on the same sheet.

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    Default RE: JC Penney PHOTO coupon??

    Just wanted to add that the $3.99 deal includes a free 8x10. I've also seen the coupon for $4.99.

    I highly suggest NOT going by yourself. I did this once and spent way more $$ than I would have because DS was getting cranky and they do try to sell you upgrades (enhancements).

    Oh ya, when you pick up the pics for JCP, they will have several more in the envelope that you can purchase. It's something like $6/sheet or $15 for all three. Anyhow, they have always included enhancements (like B&W) w/these extra pics. It's way cheaper to buy them as the extras rather than order them as enhancements, so I order plain old pics and see what they send as extras.

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    intuitionmom Guest

    Default 50% OFF your entire purchase including sitting fee

    I just received this coupon along with my Discover card monthly statement. It looks like a good deal.

    Use your Discover Card now through March 31, 2005 to purchase your JCPenny Portraits and receive 50% OFF your entire purchase including sitting fee. Be sure to mention promotion code PC1812830 and present this coupon at time of purchase.

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