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    Default Is it safe to use the pill (Micronor) while breastfeeding?

    I just filled my prescription for Micronor, but now I'm having second thoughts about using it while I'm breastfeeding. My DD is 12 weeks old and I am planning to breastfeed her for 1 year. I've been reading online and it sounds like it is safe since it's a progestin only pill, but I'm a little worried about pumping any hormone into my sweet little bundle. Any thoughts???

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    Default RE: Is it safe to use the pill (Micronor) while breastfeeding?

    I was on it while breastfeeding & had no problems. I didn't BF'd for a year though so maybe someone else who did it longer could give their opinion too. :)
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    Default RE: Is it safe to use the pill (Micronor) while breastfeeding?

    I actually took it for about a month when DD was around 10 weeks (I think). However, I decided to stop because I thought it was silly to take it when my period hadn't even started yet. Plus, the side effect (on me) was that I had breakthrough bleeding on a daily basis and that was just too annoying. So I stopped. However, my period just started 3 days ago, so now I need to decide what I want to do. In any case, my doc says it's perfectly safe for breastfeeding (but I know what you mean about pumping hormones into your baby).

    Sorry, I wasn't much help. But take a look at the following article. It may answer some of your questions:


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    Default RE: Is it safe to use the pill (Micronor) while breastfeeding?

    I know someone who took it with no problems at all, and someone else who took it and totally, irretrievably lost her supply. I wouldn't have taken it at that point just because the possibility would have freaked me out.

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    Default RE: Is it safe to use the pill (Micronor) while breastfeeding?

    I exclusively BF for over 13 months with no problems while taking Micronor.


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    Default RE: Is it safe to use the pill (Micronor) while breastfeeding?

    I've used Micronor since DD was 7 weeks old. She turns 1 on Friday and we've nursed continously. I've had no supply problems w/the medicine and have had no break through bleeding, though it can happen per the package insert.

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    Default RE: Is it safe to use the pill (Micronor) while breastfeeding?

    I've been using it since my son was 6-7 weeks (he's now 6 1/2 months), and have been breastfeeding without any problems. He's been healthy in practically every aspect, and I haven't noticed any strange side effects thus far. FYIW, my period hasn't resumed yet, but I've opted to keep taking it through the first year since we don't want to risk getting pregnant again too early.

    Regarding impact on supply, I found that work and stress had a much greater impact on my milk supply than the pill.
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    Default RE: Is it safe to use the pill (Micronor) while breastfeeding?

    I started taking Micronor at about 11 weeks after each birth and lost my milk supply right away. I tried absolutly everything but had no success. It was very dissapointing and I had no idea that it was actually the pill that caused it. And sadder still that the possiblily of milk reduction wasn't stressed to me and even shouted in the packet info.

    When it happened with my first, it coincided with my return to work so I figured that that was the reason why. But when it happened with my second, it took a few weeks to make the connection and at that point, my milk supply was essentially gone and there was no way to get it back. I also had constant break-through bleeding.

    If you are happy breastfeeding and plan to continue, monitor your supply carefully and if you see a drop by even a ounce or two the first day, stop taking it immediatly.

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    Default RE: Is it safe to use the pill (Micronor) while breastfeeding?

    I think Micronor is the mini-pill, right? If so .. I just want to tell you about my bad experience. After reading all of the replies to your topic .. I am the only one with this experience. But I still feel like I have to share it! I got really depressed on Micronor. I started it around week 8 .. and by the time my son was 3 1/2 months old .. I was really sad/depressed. Turns out the mini-pill has the same chemical make-up as Depo-provera. Not everyone has this reaction .. but many women complain of being depressed after a depo shot. So .. here's my suggestion. If you or anyone you know has had a bad experience with Depo provera .. DON'T take the mini pill. The good thing is that I went off the mini pill .. and I feel so much better. Also .. if you've never taken Depo .. then be aware and are starting the mini-pill .. that some (again, not all) women get depressed while on the mini pill. Hope this helps.

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