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    Default RE: TONS of frozen breastmilk...what to do w/it?

    I had pumped a bunch too since I apparantly am a human Holstein! I thought I was going to return to work, then didn't. We've just started tapping into the stash with my little guy drinking from a sippy cup (with a straw). He will take a sippy cup in the afternoon if we are out and about or if he is with the sitter for a few hours. I usually still pump before I go to bed now that he's sleeping through the night (most of the time) but don't pump a ton and will often mix the fresh milk with some from the freezer. Our freezer is as cold as a deep freeze and I check the freezer stash when I thaw it out, no problems so far. I don't know if we'll get through it all though. I've thought of donating to Jenn, I should look into that again. Unfortunately, we don't have any milk banks near us (hard to believe since 2 great NICUs in town).

    I would hang onto it, like the other posters said, you could need it down the road.

    DS 3/18/04

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    Default RE: TONS of frozen breastmilk...what to do w/it?

    This may be a stretch -- but, as an adoptive mom who was unable to induce lactation in time (3 days' notice of adoption), I would have loved to provide my child with breastmilk (and didn't know about milk banks at the time). So...if other options don't pan out, I wonder if a local adoption agency might know of a family interested in some of your FBM?

    Good luck with your decision.
    GHS, mom to Bella, 18 mos

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