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    Default S/O Best tricycle for short legs?

    I have 2 year old twin girls who are very petite. There are in love with the big kids' bikes at the park (trikes and bikes). They are 32 inches tall, but have short legs/long torsos (not sure of inseam length). Anyway, any suggestions for good trikes for short kiddos?

    Oh - the cheaper the better! I have to buy 2!


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    Default Tricycles with close pedals

    My DD is very petite too. We went to numerous bike shops and found that the trike with the seat that sat closest to the pedals was the Kettler Blossom frame. The Air Happy and the Junior has the same frame. We decided against the Air Happy because the air tires added bulk at the pedaling area, that seemed to make it slightly harder for DD to pedal. Plus DD's trike will mainly be used on flat surfaces so the air tires would have been excessive for us. The Kettler Navigators and Jumbo trikes use a different frame. Thus, the seat was too far back for DD to comfortably pedal. As for other brands: The Schwinn was better than the Kettler Navigator in terms of seat distance, but the one we tried was so heavy, it really was hard for DD to move along.

    Unfortunately, Kettlers are probably some of the priciest trikes. But they do have good resale value on Craigslist (in our area it's almost half of retail) so that can make it more cost effective. Blossoms retail for around $110. The cheapest we could find it with the pushbar was on ebay for $84 total. Maybe you could talk to an independent shop about a multiples discount. Or if you can find two on Craigslist that is the best deal! Good luck!

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