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    Default Anyone take prednisone during pregnancy? PUPPP related...

    I have a classic case of PUPPP (the pregnancy rash) and have been so incredibly miserable the past month or so. My dermatologist and OB finally teamed up and decided that I needed an oral steroid in order to save my sanity. Topical creams were no longer working and it has spread everywhere. Everywhere except my face thank goodness, but it's horrible on every other inch of my body.

    I was very hesitant to start prednisone and finally took my first dose this morning. Please share your experience here if you took this during pregnancy. I have done so much research but nothing mentions third trimester risks. I'm 35 weeks today.

    Also, apparently this drug will dry up my breastmilk if I continue taking it after DD is born. Any experience here? Derm told me that PUPPP may not go away immediately if I'm breastfeeding since my body may be tricked into thinking that I'm still pregnant. Any thoughts?
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    I took prednisone when I was pregnant with Tyler and had pneumonia. I was 12 weeks along so I don't know much about taking it in the 3rd trimester or for PUPPP. I know in my case the doctor said it was much better for me to take it and get well than to not.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful. I just know I took it and Tyler is complications whatsoever.
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    My SIL has Crohn's disease and took prednisone throughout her pregnancy.

    ETA: And I've never heard that about prednisone and breastfeeding. My SIL breastfed successfully for the first few weeks with just prednisone, but then her Crohn's flared and she had to take other meds that she was not comfortable breastfeeding while taking.
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    No experience with prednisone during pregnancy, but much too much with PUPPPs and I am so sorry. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

    FWIW, I found this link to be a lifesaver:

    I got PUPPS really really early (and part of the reason it took so long to diagnose since it wasn't supposed to happen until the 3rd trimester)--22 weeks.

    I took the herbal remedies (without the backing of my OB, but I was absolutely desperate) and found that they worked extremely well for me. The flaxseed oil and the dandelion root. My OB didn't even want to hear that I was taking them, but they kept me sane.

    I used a topical steroid cream as well as an oral something I can't remember the name of offhand, but it was deemed as safe as it could be. I can look it up, but it didn't help all that much.

    Sarna lotion did help. I used Grandpa's Pine Tar soap and that helped a little. I tried Claritin with Pepcid AC and think that helped a bit.

    I think I must have taken Triamcinolon cream, Hydroxyzine, Fluocinonide, and/or Clobetasol cream. Not at all the same time and I'm a bit fuzzy on the details. Honestly, nothing much seemed to do a heck of a lot except the herbs and the Sarna lotion.

    Also, FWIW, the symptoms *only* seemed to last for six weeks. I think usually it's resolved by delivering the baby, so it seems to be that that helps, but in my case, it did seem to get much better after six weeks, although I also started the herbs during that time. It was awful awful awful and I went to seven doctors before getting anyone to even figure out what it was (the ER twice, two dermatologists, my OB, my primary care doc...). I was in tears most of the time.

    I've also never heard of anything other than PUPPPs going away as soon as the baby comes.

    Best wishes for everything resolving soon!

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    No experience with PUPPS (but I'm very sorry for you because I've heard horrible things) however, I have severe asthma and ended up on prednisone during both pregnancies. I had two different OB's because we had moved and both were totally comfortable with it.

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    I have no advice but I had to post. I got PUPPS about 2 weeks after my dd was born. I had no clue what it was, it was so horrible! I ended up going to the ER one night because I had several people tell me that I could of had a severe allergic reaction to something. None of the ER docs knew what it was, gave me some cream, sent me home. I went to my dr the next day, also had no clue what it was. Finally after having it for a week I started researching on the internet and figured out what it was. Took an info sheet to my dr, who said they had never heard of it!! This was a military hospital, had a horrible experience all around there so it really wasn't a surprise that they had no clue what PUPPS was!!

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    I took prednisone for asthma in my second trimester while I was pregnant with DD.
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    This is a new one for me. What is PUPPP / PUPPS? When I was pregnant, I got a months-long yeast infection, but not internal; it was in what I call the barbie crease, that line between your crotch and your thigh. The OTC stuff didn't work, and so I got two different prescription level creams, and they did bring some relief. That stuff was really more of a mosquito-bite-type annoyance compared to the blood clot that had settled in a hemmoroid (yeah, that was a little slice of heaven right there), so I dismissed the skin stuff cuz I just had bigger fish to fry. But after DS was born, I still get those "yeast" infections hyere and there, and I have terribly dry skin in just a patch here and there that I'd thoughtwas eczema. But ... I"m just wondering if these were "pregnancy rash" things. So, sorry, not BTDT experience, but I think I"m off to research PUPPP and PUPPS . . .

    Sorry you're going thru this.

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    Default Rash...

    I had a very, very bad rash after dd was born. It was never diagnosed as PUPPPS. My doc didn't know what the rash was. Both of my legs were covered from my feet to my upper thighs with this awful rash. I remember laying awake at night itching my legs so much, it would wake DH. While I have no experience with predisone, I can tell you that the only thing over the counter that worked for me was Cetaphil cream. It saved my sanity and allowed me to get some sleep.
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    I took prednisone after DS2 was born for PUPP that began after delivery. I am so sorry you are suffering! PUPP is horrible. I did one course of the steriod and had no problems with breastfeeding at all, actually I was producing milk like crazy at the time Hope you get better soon!

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