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    Default Mazda 5 and rear facing car seat?

    I was wondering if anyone owns a Mazda 5 or have seen one with a rear-facing infant car seat installed? Will it install both in the middle second row and third row seats?

    When installed in the middle second row, will it allow the driver and front passenger seat for ample leg room without having to be jammed right up against the front dash?


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    I think it should be fine, that car is no smaller than any average honda civic, which fits infant (and RF convertible) seats fine for all but the tallest of front seat passengers. Not sure about the third row, that is one tiny row.... ( has a very active tech reviewer who has copious Mazda5 posts and carseat installs described and pictured in the 'review' section, or try a search in the google box at the bottom of the page there for your car and they should pop right up... Defrost is the poster and she's unfailingly helpful about that car! ) But I think you really should be able to fit anything in that middle row just fine
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    My friends have a Mazda 5 and used to have a Snugride installed in the middle row (and they are tallish people). I don't know how well it would work in the back row. I used to have a Snugride in my Mazda Protege and it was fine as well.

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