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    Default Dismantling and moving a wooden swing set?

    We have an opportunity to get a used Creative Playthings swing set FREE if we dismantle it and move it ourselves. Has anyone done this? Can you share your experience? How difficult will it be to loosen the pieces after all that time outdoors? And how do you keep track of everything so you can reassemble it? How much time should we plan to dismantle and then put it back together again?

    Any other thoughts on whether this is a good/bad idea are appreciated. Thanks!

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    When we moved locally, we actually paid the company, in our case PlayNation, to disassemble, move and reassemble our swing set. From what I recall, it was not terribly expensive and we had the peace of mind of knowing it was done correctly. Of course, due to the move, we were more willing to pay to delegate some tasks. It may be worth calling Creative Playthings to get a quote.

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    We dismantled our CedarWorks and moved it out of state when we moved. It took about an hour to take off the slide and swing extension and probably that long to put it back together. We'd put it together ourselves, so we knew where the pieces went.
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