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    My son and I are allergic to peanuts. And my DD was in the
    peanut-free classroom for kindergarten.

    Here are a few ideas-

    *Chips Ahoy, you can buy the little individual packs.


    *Rice Krispies individually wrapped treats

    *Entenmann's Little Bites chocolate chip muffins (my son
    LOVES these muffins!! They are so moist!)

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    Two other brand to try are Gaks Snacks and Divvies.

    Popsicles, Oreos, regular Chips Ahoy, and Hoodsie cups are also OK.

    However, as the mom of a child with a PA. I almost always send in my own treat. I appreciate it when others try to accomodate her, but you can't be too safe.

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    It is so sweet that you want to bring in something for ALL of the kids. Quite often, my kids need to eat their "special" treat from home b/c someone brought in either something that was homemade, "manufactered in a plant...:, or actually had peanuts. They know that sometimes they cannot eat the birthday treats and are okay with their "special" treat but it is always fun for them to actually eat the same as the rest of the class. That being said, I am sure that the child in your DS's class probably has a special snack, too.

    Some ideas:
    - I second the Rice Crispie treats.
    - "Enjoy Life" brand ( is always a safe bet. The apple caramel things are nasty but the double chocolate things and the snickerdoodles are yummy. This brand would be expensive for the whole class though as the cookies/servings are small and one box of 10-ish is $$. You could bring in these and chocolate milk.
    - Jello cups, pudding cups, and ICE CREAM (!!) cups with a can of whipped topping have always been a big hit.
    - Hostess cupcakes seem to be safe. A child in my DS's class, who is even more peanut allergic than DS, has brought these in.
    - Not exactly fun but applesauce cups with graham cracker sticks for dipping.

    Good luck!
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